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sobota 1. ledna 2011

VA - ICY ILLUSIONS FROM IMAGINARY WORLDS Vol.4 (Comp.Tape) friend Sasho from Bulgaria ask me for more ICY ILLUSIONS here i would like to present part 4 of this excellent compilation!!! You can find here as usually some grind/noise bands (Germen, Patareni, Arseslaughter, Incisive, Ruido De Odio, Disfunction, Conscious Rot, Think Shit, Psychopathia and more...) and from this part 4. you can find here also some industrial/E.B.M. bands (Involuntary Response, Skinflick Productions, Dunkelheit). By the way again great choice of enjoy!!!

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Anonymní řekl(a)...

Thanks a lot for presenting part 4, man!
I'll keep loking for vol. 5!

Happy New Year,