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sobota 5. března 2011

VA - GORICA UNDERGROUND Vol.1 (Compilation Tape 1988-1992) MDT 08

The compilation was planned to released already in 1992, but was released later in 1995 on Musical Destruction Tapes. Except well-knowned grind kombo EXTREME SMOKE 57 and their great 4 live tracks from 1991 tape also includes other not so knowned bands : SCHOTTER, STEKLINA, ZAKLONIŠČE PREPAVA, ZADNJA SOBOTA, NE VEM and more....All other bands played punk and all bands was from Nova Gorica - city in Slovenia. Have somebody part.2 of this compilation with more hc/grind bands please ????

pátek 4. března 2011

V.M.S. + DIARRHOEA - Split Tape 1994 (Fin-Cro) Abnormal Tapes 004

V.M.S. was from Finland and have here between 51-54 songs of grind/noisecore from 1994.Includes also Black Sabbath cover.DIARRHOEA was from Slovenia and i published already their split tape with D.T.W. before few minutes...Here have 19 tracks from 1993-1994.Released by Abnormal Tapes 004.

D.T.W. + DIARRHOEA - Split Tape 1994 (??? label)

2x grind/noisecore bands from Slovenia...D.T.W. have here 20 studio + live tracks from 1993-1994, also covers from Napalm Death (Unchallenged Hate) and Agathocles (Agarchy). DIARRHOEA have here 23 demo + live trax from 1993 also in grind/noisecore style! Dont know who released this tape, sorry!


Another old 4way split tape with bands from Ecuador (MUNDO DE MIERDA, N.P.H., A LA PATADA) and Spain (EXCRETED ALIVE). Everything grind/noisecore and sometimes hardcore...Lo-fi sound as usually but its simply noisecore crap recording...Enjoy!!!

čtvrtek 3. března 2011

CADAVER CORPSE - Live At Zoro 27.9.92 (Live EP)

The grindcore band from Leipzig...i found this record on some tape and first i think that its a live tape, but this is probably live EP. Covers are taken from internet database..Sound is very some info:


Great 4way split tape with:
SUBCAOS (Portugal) - 8 songs of hardcore/crust with d-beat tempo..killer!!
AD USUAL (Belgium) - 6 songs of hardcore/crust with emotional vocals..
COEXIST (France) - 6 songs of coarsed hardcore/crust , i really like them!!!
AFTERMATH (England) - 4 songs in classical england old school punk with hardcore feelings!

JOBBYKRUST + BOYCOT - Split Tape (Insane Society)

Jobbykrust - from Ireland play political a-punk with male/female vocalist...a lot of you knows....
Boycot - Holland hardcore legendary band...
The tape was released in czech by Insane Society Rec.
I hope the tape is already sold-out, so wants to published here...
Sound is sometimes bad, sometimes already on original tape.
Pack includes czech translate of lyrics.

pondělí 28. února 2011


Oh...i wants to published here a 3x 500MB packs on MEGAUPLOAD sended me by Francesco from Italy!
The packs includes EPs  tapes and split tapes:

Anal Massaker - Instrumental Demo 2003
Auka - Rehearsal 1985
Deche Charge - Rehearsal 01-12-1994
Deche Charge - Rehearsal 18-10-1999
Deche Charge - The Prep Sucks Demo 1992
Deche Charge + T.S.M. - Split Tape 1996
Doctor And The Crippens - BBC Session 16-07-1989
Doctor And The Crippens - Live At Kaleidoscope, Birmingham 27-09-1988
Escatofagia + Anal Macabre - Split Tape 1995
Excreted Alive + Deca Debilane - Split Tape 1996
Christ Snacks (PAN) - Extrasensorial Masochism Encounters Demo 1995
Christ Snacks (PAN) - La Mamba Negra Demo 1996
Christ Snacks (PAN) - The Sewer Was Her Tomb Demo 1994
Christ Snacks (PAN) - Tumefaction Of The Genitals Member Demo 1993
Christ Snacks (Panama) - Demo Collection
Christ Snacks + Impregnate Trichomonas - Split Tape 1995
Masher - Irritant, No Live Tape 04-06-1994
Masher - Nothing Is Like It Seems To Be Demo 1997
Masher - Struggle For Life Demo 1994
Masher - The End Of Inequalities Rehearsal Demo 17-09-1995
Masher + Força Macabra - Split Tape 1997
Masher + LD-50 - Split Tape 1999
Masher + Pure Noise + Confusion + Defeito Caótico - Sinais Do Apocalipse Split Tape 199x
Masher + Shears - Split Tape 1996
Masher + Shit 700 - Split Tape 1998
Masher + Sonic Torment + N.C.T. - Split Tape 1995
Masher + Underthreat - Split Tape 1999
Meat Shits - Hatecore At War With Fagcore Unreleased Lp 2004
Meat Shits - Pornoholic Ep 1990
Meat Shits - Unknown Live
Meat Shits - Unreleased Live Album 1993
Meat Shits + Anal Massaker - Split Ep 199x
Meat Shits + W.B.I. - Split Ep 199x
Sore Throat - Live 1990
T.E.K. - The Headwringing Noizze Demo 1991
Three Onany Boys - Demo 1992
Tumor + Noiseslaughter - Split Ep 1991
Ultimate Disorder + Enola Gay - Aidez, Détruisez-Vous Split Tape 1993
V.N.A. (Violent Noise Attack) - Final Execution Demo 1990

Here are some previews: 

One of pack also includes  DECHE-CHARGE Bio 1992-1999:

and also a lot of DECHE-CHARGE tapes and split tapes covers!!!!!
Few previews here:

I dont know now exactly what is in each of the here are links to all 3 parts:

neděle 27. února 2011

AVSKUM - Probably Demo 198x

Another swedish hardcore band and probably some old demo...cover of tape dont say nothing sorry!!!

ASOCIAL + R.T.S. - Split Cass.EP

I think its no need to say nothing about this classical sweden pioneers....Quallity is the way...

and some short ASOCIAL live show here: