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čtvrtek 20. ledna 2011

THE ARSE - Powolny R.I.P. Całego Swiata (Tape)

 I think unknown Polish band and their demo from 1991. Good hc/grind and sometimes also punk or noisy-grind.

KONIEC KONCOV - Kto Je Za To Vinný 1995 (Ogg)

I already rip this tape 4-5 years ago to mp3 (128 kbps).....I decided to ripped again to ogg (192 kbps)
Great political punk from Slovakia..on of the best bands from 90´s there from my opinion.
Quallity is not good, but this is a piece of history and my favourite here i would like to present it.
Scan covers I steal from, coz i lost my own cover...
And also a new link will be available for a lot of months for download :-)

RUIDO DE ODIO + ESTUPIDA MELODIA - Split Tape (Chivolo Records 002)

2x noisecore/noise from Ecuador on old split tape. First RUIDO DE ODIO - José + Fabricion (drumz+guitar+vocals) is well knowned in noise scene and second ESTUPIDA MELODIA is José noise project..(also very good!)

MONEY DRUG - Live In Potsdam (Stench Of Death Tapes)

Polish crust band and 35 minutes of their live gig in Potsdam....I dont know the year of recoring....

NAPALM DEATH - Rise Above (Bootleg Tape)

Another Napalm Death bootleg tape (how much? haha...)
Includes well knowned material, so nothing new under the sun...
By the way good compilation of old Napalm Death grindcore era...
I must say i hate Napalm Death from 1992 year....
Fuck Barney! Viva La Lee Dorian!!!

More than 60 minutes of grindcore in quite good quallity...
On the second side is some noise on the end of tape, but i dont know if it is still ND or something else...??? 

středa 19. ledna 2011

NOISE WASTE - Demo 95 (Finland)

I love their Napalm-logo haha....Demo tape from 1995 and Mikko Aspa / Freak Animal and 4 other guys makes noise...Sorry for the quallity..Does somebody have "More Booze" Cassette from 1993 please??
Or "Gimme Bottle Of Booze" Cassette also from 1993?

I know that somebody already rip this tape...but other copy here....

Discogs info here:


PACIFIC 231 - Unusual Perversions 1984 (Tape)

 Ambient / Electroacoustic / Experimental as they write on myspace....Probably cassette version of 1st LP from 1984. PACIFIC 231 is from Dublin, Ireland.Sorry for bad quallity....

HIBAKUSHA - Lež A Nenávist Vítězí Nad Pravdou A Láskou 1997 + Studio 4-98

Probably first demo from Hibakusha (1997) and also Studio Recording from 1998. Members from STORMNOISE and hardcore/crust as fuck!!!
Studio side includes covers from Agathocles, Shitlickers and Doom. 

FORAGIDOS DA PLACENTA - 2x Demos + Live in Coimbra (Portugal)

Very good old hardcore/grind from Portugal and their 2x demotapes + also live stuff!!!

HERMIT + BASTARD NOISE - Nature Is God (Split Tape 1995, Recalcitrant Noise 02)

Canada and USA noise projects (both well-knowned) on split tape released in 1997. 30 minutes of both here.
Discogs info here:

úterý 18. ledna 2011

PTAO + DOLORE CALDO - Split Tape (R.U.DD13)

r.u.dd13 – DOLORE CALDO /PTAO “Le impronte/s-t” C40
[Ita/czech.Noisecorelectrodeconstruction/Crazy grindnoise]

-great killer split in my opinion-

STORMNOISE - 2x Rehersal + 2x Live 1995-6 (75 Tracks)

I can say legendary 2-man band from Orlová (Czech) played political noisecore with bass and drums only...
Here are Rehersal 95, Rehersal 96 and 2x live stuffs from 1996. 75 tracks total in different quallities...A piece of Czech noise underground...Skens of tape-mini-booklet includes + info also....
Thanx to K.U. :-) 

DAMAGE DIGITAL + DEVIANT VIRAL SOURCE - Version 1.0 - Hyperkinetic Robot Pass (Split Tape 1998, Rotten Tooth Production 005)

I think a lot of people know this split so only shortly: DEVIANT VIRAL SOURCE is very good gore-cyber-electro-grind from Slovakia and DAMAGE DIGITAL is also great and quallity crust/grind/noise from Japan. Thanx again to K.U. for a tape.
Discogs info here:

ROTTING CLITORIS - In Nomine Noisheras ´96 Demo

This tape really astonish me and heat up my heart!! I never knowned this band, but now i know it and i must say, this is the BEST OF THE BEST!!! 20 minutes of crazy noisecore-black massacre!! On The First (Praso Side) ingenious cover from ROOT (Hřbitov) and also I Love RUIDO DE ODIO song is Oscar Nominated Noisecore SONG haha..!!!
On The Second (Noise Side) are 9 coverversions from N.DEATH, ROT, HIATUS, C.BASTARDS, YESMEANSYES, ANAL CUNT and GO! played in 15 secondes all!! + 66 Totally Healthy Tracks + OUTRO. Recommended this tape to all noise maniacs...
Thanx to K.U. again ..... 

PARANOIZZE - Recorded 18.5.1996 (Tape)

Another noise project from Czech is PARANOIZZE and well knowned guy Roman Janečka (SOCIAL DEFORMITY, PARANOIZZE Zine etc....). Another ration of noise that kill your brain. Enjoy!!
Thanx to K.U. for lending a tape again! 


2x one-man projects from Czech. First LAURA PALMER (Martin Vinkler) is 10 minutes of noisecore (from my opinion little bit in Oral Climax style). Really good!!
Second side MUSICAL COLLAPSE (Jura Zlámal) is lo-fi noise/crap/shit core...
He also run MUSICAL COLLAPSE distribution a years ago with a lot of noisecore/grind/crust/hc/punk stuffs!!!
Big thanx to K.U. for lending me a tape !!!! 

THE BAD END + RESIST - Split Tape (Hluboká Orba Records)

THE BAD END from Czech has here 7 live tracks from 3 concerts from 1993 and play political punk.
RESIST from USA has here 6 tracks from Smegma Studios 1993 and 2 live tracks from 1992 and 1993.

VA - GARBAGE MUSIC Vol.2 (MDT 15) 4way split tape

International 4way split tape presented by MUSICAL DESTRUCTION TAPES / Borut Jakin.
SIRUP ZA IZKAŠLEVANJE (Slovenia) - Very good quallite hardcore/grind!!!
ATAXIOFILIA (Poland) - Hc/Punk/Grind???
INFERNAL DISGUST (Slovenia) - Noise!!!

pondělí 17. ledna 2011


Good hardcore/punk...i dont really know from where..Maybe Europe (England?).Good sound...
Probably from Belgium..if somebody have cover from a tape, please contact me i can published...

NOISE MURHA + R.Ä.K.Ä. - Split Tape (1994)

2x Finnish spoken one-man projects harshnoise...Very unknown, great stuff...I find only some little info here:

NAPALM DEATH + OBITUARY + DISMEMBER - Campaign For Musical Destruction Tour 1992 (bootleg)

Another chaotic lo-fi cassette bootleg from concert, this time Napalm Death / Obituary / Dismember from Campaign For Musical Destruction Europe Tour 1992, gig probably from Italy 19th June at Anfitorim (Florence).


This is not legendary tape from 1985, but another masterpiece from 1993 with the same name of compilation. I think somebody already ripped this tape, by the way here is a new rip, coz i really LOVE it...

ACTIVE MINDS - Five Years Of Banging Our Heads Against A Brick Wall 1986-1991

Yearly years of ACTIVE MINDS (1986-1991) on tape from REACT, Re-released as DIY Tape in Czech.