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sobota 19. března 2011

PAZI SNAJPER - Live Lužánky 24.4.1998

Great czech anarchopunk band from Brno with female vocalist..well knowned from the "Diktatura Předsudků" tape. Here is their 20 minutes gig from Lužánky 24.4.1998. Good sound and also music.Not my rip!
Incuded also well-knowned cover song from slovakian legendary band DAVOVÁ PSYCHÓZA "Christiania"

02.Chtejí Abys Pochopil....
04.Zločin A Trest
05.Diktatura Předsudků
07.Christiania (Davová Psychóza cover) 


Probably bootleg split tape coz SOCIAL DEFORMITY has here first demotape.Second side NO REMORSE is probably anti-political noise experiment.No cover sorry!!!

MASNEJ PRůMYSL + I.N.M. - Split Tape (PH 003)

2x czech d.i.y. noisecore/noise project on legendary split tape released on Papagájův Hlasatel Records.MP is crap noisecore chaos and I.N.M. is static noise terrorism. In FLAC (120 MB archive)

ZOOPSYA - Zoophyte (Tape) Unknown Label

Another unknown project called ZOOPSYA and their 45 minutes tape "Zoopsya" Totally insane madness...something in Negativland...Whitehouse...or Nurse With Wound style...Very interested stuff!!!

ORISON - Das Pochen tape (GUT-project)

Definitelly !The friend of me send me about 50 old tapes mainly with noisecore/ is ORISON - Das Pochen tape. As i remember well it was C90 tape..but the second side was boring ambient.
By the way ORISON was unknown project of german gore-gods GUT and its very good mix of gore/ambient and noise. Hard to say it 100%..a lot of experiments and musical styles here from melodic vocal to totally insane cybergore/noise!!! Sorry have no cover for the tape. Masterpiece. 45 minutes.