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sobota 14. května 2011

CONFLICT - Live In Bristol 04.10.1984 (A.L.F.Benefit)

And last punk stuff today is england legendary band CONFLICT and their 1984 live gig from Bristol..What i can say more?? Download...

čtvrtek 12. května 2011

HILKIÖ - Total Hilkiö (C90 discography tape)

Hm...In my opinion, the right name of band is HYLKIÖ, not HILKIÖ....but what the fuck...Here is C90 tape of Finnish raw punk disorder band, includes some covers and you can hear also some girl singing on the start of 2nd side....53 track total!!! Enjoy....This is 100% bootleg as you can read on the cover..


2x Czech grind/fastcore/noisecore bands!!! Grex - 16 trax of strong grind skool...and PPMH - 39 noisecore/fastcore short tracks. PPMH played covers from NYATB, S.O.B., ANAL CUNT, MONSTER X and RIPCORD!!! Masterpiece + 32 pages booklet.....
320 kpbs-mp3-Not my rip.

WADGE - The Road To Hana TAPE (2005)

Canadian tracks!!! I already found this stuff on some blog, by the is the new rip in 320 kbps-mp3.Enjoy!!! This is grindcore...!

HUMAN WASTE - One Fit In The Grave, Tape (2005)

Swedish hardcore/crust in Uncurbed style, great energy music, angry vocal, KNOW!!! The tape includes their 4x7''EP's + 1 studio track.  20 tracks total, MOB 47 + IGNORANCE covers ..Tape was released by Phobia Records/Label in Czech. 40 minutes and great raw sound...No mistakes! 320kbps-mp3-Not My Rip.

URBAN INSTINCT - Ways To Communicate Tape

Totally dont know NOTHING about this tape, band...Any information on internet database...Hm...5 tracks of dark/industrial/electro/hardcore...Deep and slowly music...In OGG format...

DISORDER - Masters Of Universe 1988-1992 Tape

UK band Disorder, relocated to Norway in the late of 80's , tape includes studio 1988+1991 in Norway and also gig from 1991 at Shinjuku-Ku, Live Anti-Knock in Tokyo!!! Great hadcore/punk, raw sound...