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středa 29. prosince 2010

WIND OF PAIN - Warplain Explosion (Tape´93)

For the truelovers of Fincore first demotape from great WIND OF PAIN played here typical brutal dark metal/crust with brutal low vocals singing in English.Probably their first tape recorded in 1993 and 1994!


Side A
  01.Wind Of Pain - Fucken Miserable
  02.Wind Of Pain - Smell Of Death
  03.Wind Of Pain - The Answer
  04.Wind Of Pain - Decomposed Heroes
  05.Wind Of Pain - Visions Of Mass Destruction
  06.Wind Of Pain - Politicians
  07.Wind Of Pain - Decline From Shit
  08.Wind Of Pain - Kirous

Side B

  01.Wind Of Pain - A World Once
  02.Wind Of Pain - X-Masslaughter
  03.Wind Of Pain - Seeds Of War
  04.Wind Of Pain - Despair And Grief
  05.Wind Of Pain - Wind Of Pain
  06.Wind Of Pain - Frightened By The Sirens
  07.Wind Of Pain - Another Religion Another War (Varukers cover)

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