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sobota 27. listopadu 2010

FAT ELVIS - Volume Test (short demo 1996)

Another release from CAT MOVE label i find at home.FAT ELVIS is 3-person project played deep-monotone-dark-electro music.Its industrially but not so much..Another project of Kei Yokota (Japan).He played bass and doing vocals here.Elvis-rhytm, Zizi-bass.


Very good punkrock with male/female vocals.Very emocional and melancholical mood...Band was from Switzerland or Austria i think...They have also great split 7EP with CHIMERA (Russia).

pátek 26. listopadu 2010

HIATUS + FLEAS AND LICE - Live In Brno 20.06.93 (split tape)

Another Hiatus live recording, this time from 1993 years, from Brno (Czech).Second side has FLEAS AND LICE from the same concert.VERY GOOD LIVE GIGS from both bands!!!Piece of crust/punk history....

OUTERMOST + HERMIT - Split Tape 1995 (Cat Move 011/Pup Mill Rec.06)

This is really masterpiece of noise i must say.Japan and Canada noise commandos crush your soul...
Outermost deeper, technically and monotones killing you and HERMIT cut your brain on 2 parts..Short loud tape.Recorded in 1995.

SILICON TERROR + KYBORG 612 - Split MC (1997)

nAnother unknown noise projects, these ones from Slovakia.SILIKON TERROR produced good and quality harsh-industrial and KYBORG 612 presents here lo-fi noise-industrial.Made by Mutationed Records 1997.

MASSACRE ANTI HUMANO - Armas (Demo 94, Portugal)

Great noisy-hardcore/punk from Brasil...Lo-fi sound but great music!!Names of songs call everything.Everything in one mp3 sorry...Not so much silence between songs so it was hard to cut on tracks.Enjoy...

středa 24. listopadu 2010


Latest night news.The second part of great compilation ICY ILLUSIONS is here!As on 1st part you can find here a lot of interested diy bands and projects from hardcore to crap-shit-harsh noize.For example: Monkey Mush, Unexistence, Potabiizadora, Deche-Charge, Leucopenia,Orison, Arse, Genital Masticator and more...I am started to use another program for ripping a tapes...and bittrate is now only 192kbps, but i think quallity is better.Let me know.And wait for part 3 which is also great.Discogs info here:

BASTARD + A JE TO - Split Tape

2x Slovakian thrashcore and hardcore bands.Year of recordings about 1992-1994?I dont know directly.

CUL-DE-SAC - Punk As Fuck (demo?) about 1994

Band from Bohumín (Czech) played political crust/hardcore with male/female vocals.Lyrics about human race, squatting, fucking system and other stuffs.Great and DIY opinions.This is probably demo tape but i dont know it 100".They also have official 7''EP.Band from golden era of czech crust influenced a lot people and bands i think!

pondělí 22. listopadu 2010

MENTALLY PARASITES - Ignoration (Demo 1993)

Great Slovakian mix of hardcore and grind from 1993!Sorry the tape cover is from internet and i dont have even tracklist.Can you somebody help?Also i am wanted for their "Tento Svet Je Kopa Hovna" Demo (1991).7 tracks in almost 10 minutes...

BRAIN OF GODFREY DESPOTIC - Impossibility Of Choice (tape 1997)

Interesting political band from Czech played hardcore by their hearts....I cant say what style of music they played.You must listened...Quallity is not so good..But on live show was really great...They had also other music  project called ŽIVOT ZA SEBOU with female vocals also...

BENEATH A STEEL SKY - 46tx. promo demo

I dont really know what to say about this tape.I have cover, but lose it as usually..haha.On internet is not information..only that B.A.S.S. was a 1994 game.So i think this is a electro and little bit noise (not so much) project used samples from this game.But its only my supposition.But 100% i know it was from Czech!If you have somebody some info..please write me...thanx!

ok i find a covertape so here is:

TORMENTOR - 3 Demos (Thrashmetal Czech)

A legendary Czech thrash band from Nová Paka and their 3x demos from 1988-1990!Tapes are ripped by me, but covers are taken from Metal Archives..sorry.Band sites on Bandzone:

TORMENTOR - Revenge Of Death (Demo 1988)

1. Divadlo Svět
2. Ďáblova Víra
3. Posel Smrti
4. Co Je?!
5. Alkoholik
6. Hrùza Noci
7. Noční Můra
8. Pomsta Smrti

TORMENTOR - Process Of Deformity (Demo 1989)

1. Proces Znetvoření
2. Memento
3. Torman's
4. Poslední Voják
5. Plameny Hrůzy
6. Kat
7. V Nejtemnějších Koutech Mozku
8. Hon Na Čarodějnice
9. Nekrolog
10. Prokletí

TORMENTOR - Ressurection (Demo 1990)

1. Kat
2. Morální bahno
3. Vztek
4. Poslední práh
5. Zmrtvýchvstání

I am wanted for their "Stillborn" demo 1991 or some rare, live or rehersal stuffs. 

MAUZOLEUM - Live Častolovice 1992

Punk band from Prague played in years 1991-1992? Have 2 demotapes from that years called "Lenin's Not Dead (1991) and "Máme Z Toho Hovno" (1992).Here is another (live) stuff from 1992.

LAST WARNING - Live Boskovice 1992

Hardcore/punk band from Brno. Members played in bands S.R.K., PROTI SMĚRU and INFARKTUS.This is live record from 1992 and they have also some more live records from 92-93 years.

01.LAST WARNING - Stop Nelidi
03.LAST WARNING - Chceš Víc
04.LAST WARNING - V Mém Srdci
05.LAST WARNING - Ta Největší Sračka
06.LAST WARNING - Jen Pro Svý Právo

DO ŘADY - Live Klub Terasa, Litvínov 28.2.1997

Very well-knowned Czech punk band mainly from their LP debut "Join The Army" from 1991 or from "Amnestia" CD from 1995.Here i ripped a live tape from 1997 which is also awesome!