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pondělí 14. února 2011

RAMPAGE - War-Big Business,Recorded At Mill Studio 2.August 1992 (Tape)

Another band of this name....this is english band, little bit in Discharge style...played mid-tempo punk of UK school....6 tracks from 1992 in good quallity!

PANGS OF REMORSE - Live Rosice u Pardubic 13-07-96

OK...i already present M.BUDOUCNOST and OSTROV P from this gig and here is PANGS OF REMORSE gig...You can hear 50/50 band and people in concert haha...Great fastcore trio band with raw sound of recording. (Vietnamese tape-deck haha...).This is not studio quallity but autentic recording of this great band!!!



ODAL + NEW NOISE COMP (Loathsome Noise Production C-120)

I found old noise 2x tape-compilation and here is ODAL (1st.tape) and NEW NOISE COMP.(BASTARD NOISE, HERMIT, M.NOMIZED, MONCHO CONLAZO, FRANCOIS DOURIS and OUTERMOST).
Ripped only to 4-sides mp3...Interesting work from Maarten Kleywegt / Loathsome Noise Production. He also released the great 7´´EP THE END (Norway electro-noise) and more noise music...
192 kpbs / 160 MB pack

neděle 13. února 2011


One of my favourites AG´s split tape with UK´s PRÄPARATION-H!!!
I think its no need to say more and its time to listen!!

DISLIKE - Master Tape for 3way split (Croatia)

And another KKTZ project DISLIKE and material for 3way split tape with S.D.URZA (Czech) and P.B.K. (Slovakia). Tape released by me before years on my small Retreat Ahead Records (R.I.P.). Unfortunelly i lose all artworks and mainly for DISLIKE was great hand drawned cover with soldiers in masks..have it somebody?? By the way DISLIKE play crust/hardcore/grind/noise mix....enjoy.

THE GROLLY POP - 4 Tracks Demo (Croatia)

Another KKTZ music project played noise....


Well knowned brasilian Abuso Sonro on split tape with macedonian band Disclass.Recorded 1997-1998 and presented by REVOLT TAPES. Both band played good hardcore/crust. Enjoy!!!