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pátek 2. prosince 2011

M.NOMIZED - El Nilam 1983 (Fraction Studio-FS 003)

Anybody knows M.NOMIZED?? The French artist Michel Madrange, also owner of Fraction Studio (created in 1983)...We trade a tapes the years before and this yearly M.NOMIZED tape i hade from him!
Noise, ambient, experimental music...probably one of the M.NOMIZED released Ever!!!
Also for the future i have his master tape for 4way split tape released in my (RIP) small Records...haha.

580 MB /WAV / 60 Minutes

NAPALMED - Tribute To Silence + Napal-Med-Ley + Nighthrashing 1994 (3 demos In 1)

Ok here are another Napalmed stuffs, 3 demos in 1 hahaha....Sorry for non cutted, but it was very hard ....So I decide to rip the tape with 3x demos only on A+B side....



Tribute To Silence:

393 MB /WAV

úterý 29. listopadu 2011

Napalmed - Live Perfomance 21.5.1994 (Tape)

Legendary czech noise-combo and their old live performace from 1994.
Very short/noisy tape (4+4 minutes)

83 MB / WAV

sobota 26. listopadu 2011

KOLONIE DEBILITY - Probably Demotape

Czech undefinited style-band, probably hc/grindcore from the middle of 90´s..No more info, sorry...

162 MB / WAV

CHANCRO DURO / W - Split Tape (1994)

Most of all probably waiting for this tape more that 10 years right??? Well knowned Split tape from totally noise/core underground from Ecuador and killer/insane sound of both bands/projects!!

Chancro Duro - Chancho
W - Todo A Pesta A Mierda!

Discogs info here:

302 MB / WAV

D.S.P. (Slovakia - Noise/Noisecore) 3x Demotapes

Totally unknowned slovakian project probably from the middle of 90´s running in primitive noise/noisecore way...
No covers or infos about DSP....

D.S.P - Onen Svet
252MB / WAV

D.S.P - Uchovajte V Chlade A Suchu
202 MB / WAV

D.S.P - Boj O Rozhlas
293 MB / WAV

pátek 25. listopadu 2011

FORGARDUR HELVITÍS - - Brenniu Kirkjur, Tape 1995 (Self-Released..grindcore, Iceland)

Grindcore band from Iceland, so very exotic country for the style as grindcore is....

Discogs info here:

16 Tracks/ WAV / 286 MB!


Sorry everyone for long long delay in my blog...Cause we migrate to other village and fckn providers was totally apathic and lazy liars to reconnect us again...So I decide to ask local slowly provider to have a connection again...Also now i am little bit lazy to ripped tapes hahaha...but i have some old WAV rips for all of you, the fans of my blog i wants to published here SOON!! 

And small commercial here:
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The name as: Dan-Charge, Burger Shit, Clitoris Trafficker, Morbid Shit, Retarded Roosted and many many moore....NICE JOB, Killer Early Noise/Core Stuffs NOW FOR DOWNLOAD FOR YOU NOIZY HEADS!!!!!!!!!

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pátek 26. srpna 2011

SOCIAL DEFORMITY - Rehearsal 199x (Bass-Slavo)

4 minutes rehearsal from Czech grindcore band Social Deformity from the 90´s..What to say more?? Totally rare stuff...Enjoy and spread all around the world...

45,3MB (WAV)

SPLATTERREAH - Reh/Demo’ 89# 1 (Self Released)

Uarrrgghh...!!Yeah most of you already have this release in mp3 for a long time in your PC...I know it...By the way, new fresh rip in WAV can pleasure somebody of you, right?? Great, oldschool pure-grindcore in Napalm Death style from the end of 80´s from Houston,Texas,(US)!!! This is a piece of grindcore history inmy opinion!!Enjoy and spread to all true grindcore fans!!

 76,5MB (WAV)

Discogs info here:


Czech/Japanese split tape from 1995, well-knowned in the heads of noise-music fans hahaha...
Magia Sexualis - the name of SLC side, with 22 killer track, one of the best japnoise project/band ever (for me!)
Napalmed presented 3 "tracks" from 1995...nothing especially interesting....
I know somebody already ripped and upload this tape, here is my rip, so different quallity... 

104,5MB (WAV) 

Discogs info here:

THE SUŇOGA - Neuč Slona Lietať (Demo 199x)

Lofi-fi slovakian primitive noisecore from the 90´s...Have totally no infos, cover, nothing....
If somebody have a covers-scan or some infos please cntact me....thanx...
253,1MB (WAV)

pátek 19. srpna 2011


Great!!! Great!! Great!!! Yeah i love Ruido De Odio from Ecuador, but i lve 100x more DEADLY VERITY, Kei Yokota´s killer noise-tech project!!! As i see..somebody already upload my rip here:

But its my rip, so i would like to presented here also!!The cover are taken from Discogs!

454,1 MB (WAV)



Killer japanese band, most of you knows them very well!!!! Their legendary demotape from 1993 with 185 noise songs!!! Manabu rulez!! Also have a lot of more releases and CUNT DECIDE noisecore project, released only one tape, also published here on blog...Good sound!!
I am wanted for Senseless Apocalypse – Live / Reh Tape!
Do you have somebody this tape please???

Discogs info here:

273,1MB (WAV)

pondělí 15. srpna 2011


3way split tape made by 3 noise maniacs from the different parts of Czech republic (North, South and Moravia).
S.M.MELODY is Moravian harshnoize, very interested!!! Probably made only by voice. (12:09)
PUTRID STATE is project from Dolní Dvořiště, probably member of their local grind/hc/crust bands..79 tracks of chaotic grind/noise/lo-fi rehearsal crapshits.... (15:59)
OVERDOSENOISE is the last project on this compilation, made by my longtime friend Vrbič (ragga-MC called Salix in 2000´s...).One of the best noise projects on Czech ever!!! On the end of this insanity you can even listen interview with his old grandpa about Mečiar and sausages, very funny!!! Killer stuff (46:01)
The tape was released by J.Zlámal and his label MUSICAL COLLAPSE (R.I.P.) in 1997 year!!!

702,8MB (WAV)

NAPALMED + OUTERMOST - Mental Block (1995)

One of the best knowned split tape in noise scene ever, i think!! Czech Napalmed meets Japanese godz Outermost (Kei Yokota rulezzz!!!).
Napalmed - 4 Trax (24.01.1995)
Outermost - Drug Monster (1995)
The tape was released on Kei Yokota´s great label CAT MOVE. (CM-006)

207,8MB (WAV)

Napalmed wrote about this tape:

NAPALMED / OUTERMOST - Mental block split
(c-40/1995, CAT MOVE/CM-006, nejrychleji vydané splitko, lo-fi harsh noise jednotka z Japonska, skvělý design obalu Kei Yokoty v zeleném)


Napalmed is well-knowned czech noise project and Flying Sandwich is one of Olaf + Toni (ANAL MASSAKER) projects...(Also Extreme Nose Terror, Barcass, Oral Noise...). Hard to say where Napalmed end and F.S. start so here is both bands in 1 mp3...Soorryy...!! Dont know the year of recording.


MUNDO DE MIERDA - Humanidad Humillada, Demo 2

The legend of noisecore from Ecuador and unfortunelly only a part of this demo..i am very sorry!!! This is demo 2 and here is only 5 minutes ...

49,3 MB (WAV)


Great chaotic czech hardcore/grind/noise band from the 90´s..Sorry...have no any infos+covers!!!
 9:55  - 87,8MB (WAV)

MAMARRACHO + NAPALMED - Split Tape (1995)

Ok..again Mamarracho..already presents here Mamarracho side, but here is full split tape, so Napalmed also!! The tape has name "Stop Stupid Scroop" and was released by Napalmed in 1995.

 440,2MB (WAV)

Discogs info here:

L.D.K. - What Do You Think Tape (2x Live 1993)

I already presented here L.D.K. / CARNE - Split Tape. So, here is another crazy tape from Spanish noisecore maniacs L.D.K. (Likidillo De Kontainer). Side A - Hate (66 trax) and Side B - Noise (100 trax)..haha...Both sides recorded live in the end of 1993! Juan Obeja rulezz!!!

393,3MB (WAV)

neděle 14. srpna 2011

PESCADO - Part Of Some Tape..... (Spain)

Spain noisecore band PESCADO and only about 11 minutes of some their tape...Very good stuff, i am sorry for only part of this...

107,8MB (WAV)

HERMIT + WEIRD VISION - Split Tape 1996

Hermit from Canada and their release from 17th may 1996!! Started very psychedelic, than running noisy as usually...Weird Vision is harshnoise project, not very interested...A.O.W.T.D. Records!

259,3MB (WAV)

KILL:OUT TRASH - Noise, Dropouts And No Music

Germany noise/harshnoise/experimental project...Well knowned is their "Rapegirl" track, what is really killer!!! Released by DHR Tape Series (DHR Official Tape Series 000010). 35 minutes of harsh/smashyourbrain music!!Covers are taken from Discogs.

 336,8MB (WAV)

MAMARRACHO - Demo 2 (1994) Japan

Uhhhh...Mamarracho is very interested japanese noise with screaming guitar, something like yearly Boris...7 tracks in 12,5 minutes!!! This is real rock´n´roll in japanese tradition!! Killer stuff!!!

120,2MB (WAV)

HASCHIMAN MAE - Debut, Demo 1996 (Japan)

Experimental/avantgarde music from Japan...Covers are taken from Discogs, sorry...

134,7MB (WAV)


2x Japanese noise godz on split tape from 1995, presented by Y RECORDS (Y-001). I really like Final Exit, but Sadistic Lingam Cult are real godz of noise scene!!! Enjoy!!!

46,6MB (WAV)