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úterý 28. prosince 2010

S.R.K. - Maniaci Extrémního Noise (Demos 1988-90)

Here is request of my friend Francesco from Italia...So, here is ripped tape of S.R.K. - Maniaci Extrémního Noise, released by ŠOT RECORDS. I take it from diy tape, not from original sorry.By the way, it looks like here are 4x different live stuffs (but called here "demos").S.R.K. was angry hardcore chaos band played at the same time as Serious Music, Skimmed, Kritická Situace, Suicidal Commando etc...So bands played before and few years after so-called subversion-revolution in 1989 year!Masterpiece of Czech hardcore for me...

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Anonymní řekl(a)...

thanx for the rip! This is the kind of music I grew up with....thanx again!