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úterý 28. prosince 2010

SATANIC DEATH - Crucified In Flames

Really dont know nothing about this band? And even dont find anything on internet.Some band with the same name play black metal, but this Satanic Death is noisecore with harshed vocals and guitar, i think without drums.

OK...So some friends of me send me more infos about these band, so band was from Netherland and this stuff is split demotape with Corpusculum!
Here is playlist from

Satanic Death - Crucif(r)ied In Flames
split demo 1992 with Corpusculum - Flame Delay

1: Into The Deeps... (Intro)
2: Impaler Of Godsouls
3: At Rise With 9 Candles Of Black Flames
4: Mummified Planet
5: I Live In Pasta...
6: In The Sign Of Black Noise/Chaos
7: The Deathrone Temple
8: No Horizon...
9: Horrified Process Of Dripping Flesh
10: Necrophagious Screams (The Legions...)
11: Evil Forces Cult
12: Planet Refuser
13: The Lustfull Desires Of An Angel Raper
14: The Law Of Hate
15: Suicide... Gate To Hell
16: Jesus Crushfuck
17: Mr. Squealius The Pig Molestor
18: After The 4th Reich
19: Thorns Replaced By Barbed Wire
20: Accessible Malversation Of The Deceased
21: Ritual Of The Reverse
22: Malicious Nesting (Of The Demons)
23: Spectric Visions Of Aconic Cities
24: Black Stars De Morte
25: Zombie Holocaust
26: ...In Black Flames (Outro)

Satanic Death (1988-1992) 

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Satanic Death were from Holland. They also released an infamous Split 7" Ep with Audiostench in 1990 called "War of the Stars/ Innaccessible Malversation of the Deceased" that is a real pain in the ears!