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pátek 19. listopadu 2010

KULTRA + TELEFON - Společný Koncert 1996 Praha

Telefon is knowned from their LP called "Háková Panenka" and played classical punk with good political lyrics.KULTRA are project of TELEFON members and played punk with male/female vocals with trumpet.Interesting stuff.Both band from Rožnov pod Radhoštěm.Sorry No Cover or tracklist.Only concert.

SYPTE PTÁČKůM - Live Praha 199X

Sypte Ptáčkům means something like Spill To Little Birds.Band was from Prague and played classical punk.
More information about this band are here (but only in czech)!

SATOR - Live 199x

Unknown local czech band from my native town Železný Brod.SATOR played thrash/death metal..their own songs and some covers from Sepultura, Pestilence etc....The ex-members dont want to talk about Sator anymore..haha.Their rehersal room was behind best knowned local pub called Jizera.

SARCASTIC TERROR - Reh.demo 92 (Greece)

SARCASTIC TERROR is death/grindcore band from Greece and here is not so knowned rehersal demotape from 1992 year which is really brutal!!Mainly vocals are really crazy.Let's GRIND!

KDK - From split tape with ANTICLERICAL

KDK was Spanish band and as i know they released only this split tape.ANTICLERICAL side is not interesting (boring grindcore) so i present here only KDK side which is still great after all these years.Melodic hardcore and singing in Spanish..Its a piece of history.Unknown band but very original and quallity stuff! Enjoy.

VA - DEAD REVOLT (CZ Golden Oldies) compilation tape! (1997)

This is compilation of czech old bands from about 1989-1995.Made by Čiko on HOGO FOGO Records.He also played in bands Mrtvá Budoucnost and Š.O.K. and doing some zines.Good choice of bands.For example:
Skimmed, Lastr Warning, Heartline, Telex, Averze, Chromatic Absurdity, Lues De Funes and more...Between songs are great spoken intros from czech classical old film Limonádový Joe aneb Koňská opera! Great stuff.

ZERO - Rehersal 2001? ex-CTC (Cuntacentclamant)

Great anarchopunk band from Vsetín (Czech) with male/female vocals and his rehersal from probably 2001 or so.45 minutes of really original hardcore/punk.Some members play now in LUMPEN PROLETARIAT band.

TOBY OR NOT TO BE - 92-94 (tape)

, politicalNot traditional music.This is folk stuffs from Toby Or Not To Be from Austria.Playing sometimes slowly and melancholic depresive folk (vocal+acoustic guitar) and smetimes more funny and faster folk.The artist was very political thinking.Lyrics are only in czech language, coz tape was released in czech on CI5 records!Sorry for bad quallity of record..but i listened 100 times to this tape.

čtvrtek 18. listopadu 2010

COMFORT - Master Tape for 4way split tape (1993)

COMFORT send me Kei Yokota for preparing 4way split tape years ago.On 4way split was also TEM OPH AB, M.NOMIZED and..???Dont Remember.COMFORT is probably his early project but not published.Also played here Mamori.2 tracks - first in slowly monotone bass mood and second is more noisy and more similiar to Deadly Verity.By the way rare stuff from master of noise!!

OUTERMOST - Insane Volt! (17th may 1996)

Here is side OUTERMOST from split tape with WEIRD VISION (on their side of tape is only silence...weird)
Totally crushing harshnoize in the best japanese quallity!!

HIATUS + HEALTH HAZARD - Split Live Tape 199x

2x live split from the classic of hardcore/crust style.Belgican HIATUS and HEALTH HAZARD from UK with female vocalist.I lose booklet for this tape with lyrics..sorry.So only tape cover.Year of recording 1993-4?

THE END + NEANDERTAL - Technical XTC/Brutale Violenza - Split Tape

THE END is Holland project..very interesting, with a lot of techno samples, noise sounds and mutant vocals.Masterpiece.

NEANDERTAL from Italy played harshnoize in deep slowly tempo.

LAKKO! - Luodin Kyydtssä Tape EP (1996)

Unknow band from Finland played oi/punk with male/female vocals.Only 8 songs but very good music.
                        Cassette was limited to 100 pieces only and presents by UNMC (0696).       

OSTEO SARKOM - Live In Prag 11.10.97

Czech grindcore/noisecore band from Bílina and their really killer live show!Nothhing more to say..HEAR!


Very unknown  Czech band from Valašsko (i think) and their rare live stuffs.Maybe only document their have!Musically typical czech hc/punk.D.I.Y.!

HOW LONG - Live Ostrava (live tape)

HOW LONG are well knowned band from their demo+live tape and split 7''EP with UNARMED.Polish/Czech band from Český Těšín played good harcore/crust with male and female vocals..Great speaking between songs from female vocalist.!!

DESPECT - From split tape with Nonconformist

DESPECT (r.i.p) was Czech anarchopunk band from Vyškod.Played good hc/punk with male and female vocals.Have here 11 songs.Singing in czech language.Don't forget that band..Its a piece of history..!

01.Despect - Intro
02.Despect - Naše Budoucnost
03.Despect - Police Violevnce
04.Despect - Teď
05.Despect - Nenávist
06.Despect - Cesta
07.Despect - Společenství
08.Despect - Nepoznané Štěstí
09.Despect - Ne
10.Despect - ....Conformist
11.Despect - Outro


Very rare compilation tape made by Honza Dítko all these years before....Great choice of bands...DIY masterpiece i must say.I have also parts 2,3,4,5...i will upload soon i hope..Here you can find: Sceptic Profit, Psychotic Noise, Filthy Charity, Mentally Parasites, Dreaded Instinct, Scum In Action, Pasztörözött, Ultimate Disorder, Krankhaft, Cunt Decide and more...Classical compilation from hardcore to harshnoize!!!

VA - DELIRIUM TREMENS vol.4 (1986?)

Here i would like to present 4.part of legendary Marko Orava's compilation DELIRIUM TREMENS...a compilation which was usually great..mainly early years!!!Some bands here for example: Disarm, Final Blast, G-Anx, AMPZ, Bombnfall, Purrkur Pillnikk, Infesione, Power Age and more....good job again!!!

FRED FRANTIC - Stun Sticks, Eagles And Old English Folk Tales

This is a tape C-46 from Fred Frantic.Sometimes melancholic, sometimes funny or weird folk..experimental music, spoked word, avantgarde music and accoustic guitar.Released on noise label CHUPA VERGA 1996.

DISAFFECT + SEDITION - Live At Apollo Glasgow 1992 (Split tape)

2x crust-punk split from Disaffect and Sedition from 1992.Very noise sound of this concert!


Harshnoize and electro-noise split tape.Very old classical noise tape.Crap and Shit!Garbage.Must Have!


VA - THIS IS WHAT WE LIVE FOR vol.1 (comp.tape)

alSweatin' Sleazy Songs For True Lovers..haha.This compilation is music from Italian erotic and sex movies from 70's.Bands like PLAY MOTEL, VIRUS, TAXI GIRL, STARCRASH or VAMPIROS LESBOS! Very funny music and interviews from films..Hot Italian blood...Released on SUCCHIASEGA IND.RECORDS.

CARCASS - Live Ectasy, Berlin 1990 (bootleg)

Rare live recording from Germany 1990.Not so good sound, but it is a live stuff..Its mainly for Carcass fans and collectors.Carcass rulez!

D.A.M. (DELIRIOUS APPEALING MANSLAUGHTER) - Sounds For Morbid Brain demotape

Slovakian noisecore band or project played noisecore in 7 Minutes Of Nausea style.10 minutes of noisecore!!

ODPAD - Live Ústí nad Labem (1990)

Another thrashmetal band from Czech played in early 90's.Band started to play in 1989 and end in probably 1992.They was from Velká nad Veličkou (Hodonín).This live tape has very raw and angry sound and play more thrashcore than thrashmetal here.Have also 2 demotapes "Zpěv Tasemnic" (1990) and "Halucinace" (1991).
The second demo i have also and can upload."Zpěv Tasemnic" demo i cant found anywhere, can you help me?

01.ODPAD - Na Marách
02.ODPAD - Jikernatá Svině
03.ODPAD - Jaderný Výbuch
04.ODPAD - Nucený Výsek
05.ODPAD - Poločas Odpadu
06.ODPAD - Kolo Štěstí
07.ODPAD - Trash Čardáš
08.ODPAD - Vietnamec

ANTRACIT - The Perfect Kill demo (1991)

Czech unknown band from my city, where i live now (Semily) recorde 5 tracks demotape in thrasmetal style.Not so fast..more slowly tempo and czech singing vocals.Thrashmetal from 90's at the best!Only photo of them i found in metal-archives.

1. Dokonalá Vražda
2. Teče Krev (17.11.'89)
3. Kolumbie ('89)
4. Zelené peklo (Vietnam '69)
5. Invaze (Srpen '68)



Post-revolution punk band from Czech and their 2x live stuffs from (i think) 1990 and 1992.Both concerts in 1 mp3.Singing in czech, and a band is very influenced by spirit of these years.Have no cover or photo, sorry.

středa 17. listopadu 2010


Uarghh...something for Dan-Charge and Seb Dionne fans.Fantastic 3way split tape with only their projects!!
Anal Jackson is well knowned band...Dan-Charge played drums here (great!!).Sound like THINK SHIT!GRINDIONNOISE is Seb project and sound like A.Jackson...very good.Sory AJ+G in 1 mp3 coz a lot of songs here...MAYONNAISE MASSAKRE is Seb project made by bass and vocals only..and harshed.

NEONOISE PUNISHMENT vol.1 comp.tape (1993)

Very intereseting international noise compilation with not so much informations about artists and projects...This is a c-90 tape in lof-fi sound evoked sound of industry.Included for example: SATORI,Dead BodyArt,Shitay Okiha,PIRO-PIRO,NKVD,Gaki Aki-Mekura,Con-Dom,Zikilm etc...Some is written in i dont know.Released by S:E:X59 TAPES!!!Limited to 50 pieces only....


I dont know what to say to this tape, coz it is my heart-blood.The Dendou Aka Daruma produced  noise-punk?with harshed destroyed angry vocals..Nouhi Hentai Guerzilla Club played music like from funny movie.So here:

THE DENDOU AKA DARUMA -  No Power Vibrator Moter Heat (The private compilated 1987-1993)  
THE DENDOU AKA DARUMA / NOUHI HENTAI GUERZILLA CLUB - Split Tape (without informations and cover..sorry"")  

OUTERMOST - Piston Rod tape (Cat Move 1994)

very well known project OUTERMOST and demotape from 1994.Again Kei Yokota..and his harshnoize style at its best...

FAT ELVIS - Song For Gentleman (tape 1995)

FAT ELVIS is again project of Kei Yokota from Scab, Invaders From Mars, Outermost and Deadly Verity (maybe he has some other project...i dont know...)This is only 10 minutes of noise and electro, but good job!
This tape was released on his own label CAT MOVE in 1995 year.

DEADLY VERITY - 136tx.demo (1994)

Another killer stuff from Kei Yokota and his not very known , but great project Deadly Verity!! Enjoy!

DEADLY VERITY - 23tx.demo (1994-1994)

Uh...very interested demotape from Deadly Verity.Only 23 tracks but very different style in each song..From deepy slow tempo industrial to harshynoize to fast pre-speedcore..Haha..Killer stuff..very rare.Kei Yokota is master of style.

P.B.K. - Maják Na Konci Sveta (master tape)

PBK was slovakian one-man project made by Marek and its was political noise/harshnoize/experimental.This marerial was master tape on 3way split tape with SD URZA (Czech) and DISLIKE (Croatia).Unfortunelly i losed tracklist,cover and all information...

VOLTIFOBIA + SPEW + SAPROGENIC ENTRAIL - 3way split tape (1995)

Another grind, noisecore bands from Japan.Short and fast tape..Nothing more to say..

Ok....Thanx to Stereo Stations to report me here bad link!!! So link is fixed and new one is here!! (Sorry):

DEADLY VERITY + GESTORTE NACHBARN - You Shouldn't Laught..Split Tape

Split tape with great Deadly Verity from Japan (Kei Yokota..master at one...).Present here his classical DV style of noise/electro/samples/harsh vocals..and sometime i hear even PUNK!! Killer stuff..
Second side has Spanish Gestorte Nachbarn...produced quite good harshnoize with interested moments..
Released at Ironia Records in october 1996!

KUSOMISO + DOKUCHINKO - Split Tape (Japan)

2x japanese noise/harsh and experimental projects or bands (???) in best of the lo-fi quallity.Hope the names of both are well writen, coz its written in japanese and i know this tape only from some distrolists..Publicated as sex-017sp.If you somebody have some information about KM or DK..please contact me..thanx!


Uarghhh...very good split tape from both killer bands....Sadistic Lingam Cult are more harsh with killer horror vocals and has 10 awsome tracks here...Final Exit on B side of a tape has no playlist here..but play their classical noisecore style with some jazz jams..haha.Great stuff..good noizy sound!