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čtvrtek 5. května 2011

RESIST - Drunk 'Till Deportation - Live'92

I really love RESIST from Portland, mainly their 1st LP!! Here is their 1992 tour tape with 12 songs from Italy and 2 songs from Germany....Poor sound quallity...25 minutes.

GASHEBEL + SKEPTIC ELEPTIC - SpliT Benefit Tape (Prelle Tape 002)

2x german (or maybe one og band is austrian?) bands played streetpunk/punk...The tape released by D.Prechtl from Trüemmer Pogo Tapes on his "sub-label" Prelle Tapes.GASHEBEL - 10 live + 4 studio tracks (better!!) and SKEPTIC ELEPTIC - 10 cd-r tracks from 2000.

OI POLLOI - Live Greece + Edinburgh Live Tape

For the punx - Scottish legend OI POLLOI and their C90 tape with Greece/Edinburg live gigs....
Includes great "Punx Picnic" song also.. :-)


Here is another from the Pissed Cunt split tapes, this times 3way split tape with A LA PATADA (Ecuador) and their last release and KYBORG 612 (Slovakian one-man noise project). The tape is not cutted on parts/bands..everything is in 1mp3...sorry... 320 kbps-mp3.

PISSED CUNT + D.H.I.B.A.C. + CORPSE + OSTEO SARKOM - 4way Split Tape (Probably 1998)

4x Grind/noisecore bands from Czech (Pissed Cunt + Osteo Sarkom) and France (D.H.I.B.A.C. + Corpse).
There is not label, who published this 4way split, so probably released by Pissed Cunt itself?? Classical tape, D.I.Y., brutal, chaotic....Mainly Osteo Sarkom are great!!! 320 kbps-mp3.Enjoy!