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sobota 11. prosince 2010

PROTEST - Never Mind Punk Here Comes Protest (Switzerland, tape)

Good hardcore/punk band from Switzerland. I think that was some members from EARTH CITIZENS.Tape also included booklet..but i probably lost it...So tape-cover only.

NĚMÁ BARIKÁDA / CONTRASTO - Live KUD, Liberec (19.11.2004)

This time i would like to present very rare live show from concert Němá Barikáda (Czech) and Contrasto (Italy).The tape was recorded on shitty dis(c)-taphone, so band play hardcore/crust but record is very noizy with a lot of feedbacks, simply autentical sound from that concert in small club.

čtvrtek 9. prosince 2010

YGGDRASIL - Lebensbaum C-30 Tape (1995)

Germany harshnoize made by Michael Krause...very interested violence stuff...Limited edition to 100 copies only.

BASS HAHA - Live Vol.1 (Tape 1992-93)

BASS HAHA is for me unknown name.It look like BH is probably from Japan.Presented by BBP Records (England).Not so much infos on the cover.BH is experimental, improvisated, noise performance...Very weird sound in 3x live or rehersal shows..Simply must listened first....


CARNE + L.D.K. - Nazy Black Metal Fuck Off (Split Tape 1992)

2x noisecore bands from Spain and their records from 1992...Very amateur like almost all spanish noise projects..haha..Carne has electronic drums or something else and LDK (Likidillo De Kontainer) is classical noisecore band.Good old crap stuff....


Brutal Addition is chaotic hc/punk/noise band from Spain.Senseless and Nonsense the same style bands from Croatia (played here B.Millaković - KuKaTZ).Nonsense is little bit to grindcore..

středa 8. prosince 2010


Doing blog to know people about some old tapes i really love from my collection...and wants to ripped to electronic form and present here for all people who will be interested..but please some communication or comments if you can.Also if you have some interested tapes for ripped to mp3 write to me..i can do it and present source of tapes is not also infinite!Support diy/tape recordings and dont let´em die!Punk As Fuck!!!

kusomiso / 8.12.2010

INTESTINAL DISORDER - Harshrehersal somewhere in latest 90´s (cz)

Ha....its very funny, but i simply must! I found my old noise/harshnoize project from my 16 years old (probably) 1995 or 1996 year.....This is 5 minutes of insane noise made by vocals and remastered (dont say you how...:-)).Its was influenced mainly by Deche-Charge, Extreme Hair Stench and G-Hörsturz....Added here for a fun...coz i was really teenage-noisecore fan...hahaha...Thanx to Dan-Charge, Kei Yokota, Yuntario Yamanouchi etc.... and all let me now what NOISE is!!!!!

GOSHAWKS - Sorry (tape 1992)

For me unknown hardcore band from Germany.Recording from 1992 and i must say,this is very good hc...Band dont play classical deutsch style, it looks like more to us 80´s HC style..Any information on internet database, but i know, that they have also another demotape.Sound like Rectify little bit i think....But its only my opinion.You can hear real rock´n´roll also..haha.But in one song its fun!


NOISE TERROR / N.E.O. / SACRIST / C.O.D. - 4way split tape (Czech)

Rare czech crap and shitty noisecore 4 way split released in few copies i think...4x noisecore projects and i think all project was from the same city (Bohumín) and have the same members with some changes..something like czech deche-charge commando projects haha...sorry but all 4 projects in 1 mp3..its hard to know where each of projects starts and end...If somebody know it and can cutting/split mp3, it will be great...This is one of few czech noise/d.i.y. products not so much presented in the world....Very lo-fi quallity and low sound but very interested recording.

REYNOLS - Live In Argentina vol.2 (Tape 1997 Scrotum Records)

Reynols from Argentina and really crazy noise live show.Very harsh...This is the noise!!!Very Loud and violence sound of recording.Present by Scrotum Records (Germany), the great noise label released more that 150! titles mainly on tapes, vinyls and cd-r´s.Very productive noisy label..This is 54th release.

DEADLY VERITY - The World Of Junk (Tape 1996)

Another Deadly Verity tape, this time Jing Heng-Tian as i can read on the not Kei Yokota this time..???Music is very depressive, deep and ambiently on this recording.Not so noisy as other stuffs...Sometime you can hear some experiments as from sci-fi movie with angry speaking....A lot of monotone and industrial sounds that kill your brain..Interested recording..(in 1 mp3 as a long set....)Crash your souls and listen to Deadly Verity.This is true hell!!!!Another great master work from Japan!

pondělí 6. prosince 2010

ASMODEUS - Town Of Fallen Statues (Demo 1991)

Legendary Czech thrashmetal from Klatovy and their (probably) 3rd demotape.Very good 9 songs..Sorry...only 8 songs here...9th track was not on the tape...

1. Tenkrát na západě
2. Kolaps
3. Živí mrtví
4. Muka existence
5. Mìsto padlých soch
6. Heroes
7. Pravěk
8. Dědictví
9. Litanie proti strachu
10. Stvořitel
(not here...sorry!) 

GARBAGE DISPOSAL - Mind Detonator (Demo Tape 1994)

Czech grindcore band from Vansdorf, started in 1992 and their first demotape.Band dont play now already (R.I.P.)

1. Mind Grind - Machine 02:58
2. Future - No Fucking Way 03:03
3. Violence 03:55
4. Season of the Infection 04:40
5. Gods Bleed II 02:38
6. Euthanasia 03:31
7. F.U.C.KK.NO. 03:50
8. Proximity of the End 03:55

EXEKUCE - Live 10.05.2000 (007 Club, Praha Strahov)

Czech crust/punk band from Prague played from 1995...This is their live from legendary 007 Club from 2000!

1.Exekuce - Apatie
2.Exekuce - Sobectví
3.Exekuce - Žijící Minulost
4.Exekuce - Církev A Stát
5.Exekuce - Policejní Provokace
6.Exekuce - Iluze
7.Exekuce - Města
8.Exekuce - Sandokan