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úterý 22. března 2011

T.U.O.B - 4xTapes from the 90´s (Exp. duo UK )

I already presents their "December 93" tape. Here are 4 another released...the last two demotapes are probably not full...was ripped from C46 tape, so only 23 minutes each (Anything tape + TUOB and STEVE ANDREWS). Each of recordings have its autentical different sound...By the way here are T.U.O.B:

T.U.O.B - Thought For The Day tape (FiS 22 Records)

T.U.O.B - 4294 tape (FiS 16 Records)

 T.U.O.B - Anything tape 1995 (FiS 25 Records)

 T.U.O.B + STEVE ANDREWS - Jecist tape (SHIP 004)

and here is bonus
...not my rip:

 T.U.O.B. - Don't Fight At Gigs! 1995 (7'' Ep)

neděle 20. března 2011

P.T.A.O. + MENTALLY ZAOSTALEJŠN - Live In Ostrava Noizze Fest (Split Tape) NOISE ! TAPES 199x

M.ZAOSTALEJŠN was hardcore/noisecore and have here 9 tracks in 10 minutes.P.T.A.O. is more grind/noisecore and has also 9 tracks in 10 minutes.Some members was from Gorilla Girl (noise project) and Social Deformity (band). There are (exist) also video release from this Noizze Fest as you can read on the tape-cover...

CONATION + NIHILIST - Split Live Tape 1999

2x Australian fastcore bands on live split tape from 1999. Both band have abpout 40 minutes live gig here...
192 MB archive - 320 kbps mp3 quallity.Not my rip.Enjoy! 

Both bands has alre some regular Split EPs or CDs...Check Discogs:

GENITAL MASTICATOR + TRACI LORDS LOVES NOISE - Split Tape (Cadaverizer Records 017)

2x noise/noisecore "legends" on split tape from 1993 released on Cadaverizer Records!
Good noisy sound and the best of both projects/bands here...

EXTREME SILENCE + SOCIAL DEFORMITY - SplitTape (probably bootleg)

EXTREME SILENCE was Hc/Grind/Chaos/Noisecore band from D.Dvořiště (South of czech..near borders with Austria) and has here diy live gig from 1995.
SOCIAL DEFORMITY from Northern Czech (Ostrava) has here 47 live trax in better quallity and its grindcore..but all of you knows very well this band! :-)

MORBID SHIT - Merry Christnoizze (Demo 4) 199x

MORBID SHIT and their (his) 17 minutes noisecore/crapshit/sonic violence demo is here!!!
Frank Goshit alias Franck Gaunoise (here) and tape distributed by his friend Seb Dionnoise. Totally insane noise recorded on 100% volume! You can hear a lot of noises and voices..Also sometimes guitar..the classical Anal Jackson´s guitar with typical sound! Enjoy the noise and spread to friends of underground!