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sobota 26. listopadu 2011

KOLONIE DEBILITY - Probably Demotape

Czech undefinited style-band, probably hc/grindcore from the middle of 90´s..No more info, sorry...

162 MB / WAV

CHANCRO DURO / W - Split Tape (1994)

Most of all probably waiting for this tape more that 10 years right??? Well knowned Split tape from totally noise/core underground from Ecuador and killer/insane sound of both bands/projects!!

Chancro Duro - Chancho
W - Todo A Pesta A Mierda!

Discogs info here:

302 MB / WAV

D.S.P. (Slovakia - Noise/Noisecore) 3x Demotapes

Totally unknowned slovakian project probably from the middle of 90´s running in primitive noise/noisecore way...
No covers or infos about DSP....

D.S.P - Onen Svet
252MB / WAV

D.S.P - Uchovajte V Chlade A Suchu
202 MB / WAV

D.S.P - Boj O Rozhlas
293 MB / WAV

pátek 25. listopadu 2011

FORGARDUR HELVITÍS - - Brenniu Kirkjur, Tape 1995 (Self-Released..grindcore, Iceland)

Grindcore band from Iceland, so very exotic country for the style as grindcore is....

Discogs info here:

16 Tracks/ WAV / 286 MB!


Sorry everyone for long long delay in my blog...Cause we migrate to other village and fckn providers was totally apathic and lazy liars to reconnect us again...So I decide to ask local slowly provider to have a connection again...Also now i am little bit lazy to ripped tapes hahaha...but i have some old WAV rips for all of you, the fans of my blog i wants to published here SOON!! 

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