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středa 29. prosince 2010

S H I P W R E C K E D (Semi-Roar 03)

Weird psychedelic music from Papua New Guinea...a lot of freaky istruments etc....More Info here:

Review from Semi-Roar:

SR03: 50HOLEHEAD Shipwrecked (ltd. 50 copies) $5

Apparently the tunes collected here were lost for years and then rediscovered floating in a bottle off the coast of Papua New Guinea. The liner notes also say that they were originally recorded using seashells + monkey intestines. Hm. Not sure about that, but this is one primitive sounding collection of spooky blips and bleeps. Highlights include “Furtooth”, “Black skull” and “All along the garbage can”. Scratchy, fuzzy instrumental concoctions.

“Semi-Roar is on it’s way to becoming the Far East Shrimper and this tape is another reason why you should check out this tiny label. Very crude recordings that really sound like they were recorded on a desert island. I say that the desert island is a metaphor for the cramped apartments in Tokyo and this is the soundtrack to a gaijin losing his mind while imagining that the walls are closing in. A desire for tranquility in the biggest metropolis in the world. Wonderful.” says Exile Osaka zine (issue #5).

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