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čtvrtek 2. prosince 2010

REPARTIENDO CHUPETES - La Brigada Del Chupete 1995 (P.D.P.021)

Repartiendo Chupetes was Spanish noisecore/punk/chaos band, where played on guitar Jaime Díaz Rodríguez (also-Excreted Alive,Mastikaeňaskos,Kostra,Irritacion Extreme etc..)He also run label Puding De Pota, where this tape was released.(and many more interested titles..). 20 songs of funny noisecore in spanish style...I love it so much..Everything in 1 mp3...This time in FLAC, not mp3...Quallity is lo-fi, but this is true music not hardrock!!!Time of recording 21:27.

DOOM - The Demo´s (Lethal Chaos Produzioni 002)

The legendary DOOM demo´s! 2x demo from 1987 and live from Udine, Italy from 1989.Great compilation of yearly DOOM years.On the tape is missing demo 3 /1988, i dont know i am sorry for incomplete stuff, but the first two demos and live are really cool..Good sound and other piece of hc/crust history by my opinion.

JOYCE WHORE NOT- Co.Mind tape 1995-96 (DMK Música)

JOYCE WHORE NOT was unknown band from Italy.Play slowly psychedelic "punk" with female vocal (Monica).10 songs in very deppressive mood.Nice artwork on the second side of cover.ENJOY!!!

pondělí 29. listopadu 2010


Prague extreme hardcore band existed in years 1987-1988 and their live recording (almost 11 minutes..haha).
First name of band was A.W.B. (Anti War Brigade).They have also demo Made In Perestoika from 1988.

SANTIAGO DE CHILE - Terror 93 (Tape)

Uh!!!This is really harsh sound.Czech band played hc/crust with brutal thrash maybe i can say thrashcore..??Great demo from 1993 is probably their firts and last recording!!Čiko (from Mrtvá Budoucnost (r.i.p.) played drums here...Excellent tape..must have!!

neděle 28. listopadu 2010

KGB - ...To The Extreme (Tape, Greece)

Greece one-man project presented machine grind/noise on first side and noise/experimental or something else on second side.Very interested stuff...Released in Australia on Smell The Stench Tapes (Julian Leight).