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středa 22. prosince 2010

THE END - 8 Track From Split With Abfall

Probably material from split tape.Good industrially monotone tech-noise with a lot of movie themes.THE END is (was?) from Norway and have also some more killer releases like 7"EP, split tapes with TEM OPH AB, NEANDERTHAL and more...Masterpiece...a lot of screaming and suffering with a rythmic noise sound!!!!

RECALCITRANT - Live In Antwerp 19-5-99

I found one live stuff from Recalcitrant (Holland) .Made by my friend Maarten Kleywegt and its almost 9 minutes of live noise performance in Antwerp from 1999.No covers or any info...

VA - REALLITY SHOWS Part.2 (Upground Records 006, 1995)

Another interested compilation tape.This time from Spanish label Upgroad Records..Mainly political grindcore bands here and some gore also.Unchallenged Hate, Patareni, Retortijon, V.Headache, Escatofagia, Denak,, Rot, Coprofilia, Noiseslaughter, Debilana, Extreme Smoke and more...Grind masterpiece at its best!!!

VA - LO-FI SAFARI Comp.Tape (Fecal Forced Prod.1998)

As my 100 published something especially and its one of my really favourites compilation tape from Fecal Forces Prod. (Kukatz).Great bands and projects here...D.N.S., Fat Elvis, Piňa Colada, The Grolly Pop, Zarathustra, Materia, Snajper, EHI, 360 Sound, TRBUH, Reactor, ZEC and more...A lot of interested music and i must say really killer choice of bands and projects! Also very nice artwork, so enjoy, this is the x-mass gift haha...

úterý 21. prosince 2010


Dont know nothing about this split tape.Only that Arseslaughter was project or band of Arse and Earslaughter bands.2x noisecore..Mealtime more electro...


A great lo-fi sound compialtion from AGAINST ALL TRENDS PRODUCTION!Classical old blackandwhite cover and very interested bands and projects here.For example: CCC CNC NCN, Cripple Bastards, ANH, Teatro Satanico Charles Manson, Onde Rozze, Pornoize, Gruuhaagy, TNW, T.R.B.U.H., Vim Patior, Noise Waste and more....Noisecore, grind, exeprimental and other styles of music at it best!!



Czech and Brasil bands on split tape produced grindcore/noisecore.Atentát Na Kulturu used trumpett also..haha.

and interview with ATENTÁT NA KULTURU:

CHRONICKÁ NEVINNOST - Trampoty S Emilem 1 (1990)

Czech punk bands from Plzeň.Some members going to bands Požár Mlýna.Played classical punk.

01 - Zahozena generace
02 - Rezervace
03 - Devocky v suchdole
04 - Politika
05 - Zluty
06 - Bohse Oma Rihova
07 - Vpravo
08 - Trampoty s Emilem
09 - Auticko
10 - Viola
11 - Vojaci
12 - Trudomyslna lambada
13 - Kim Ir Sen

VA - CHAOS SHOW vol.1 (Comp.Tape 1995)

Very rare and unknown compilation with Czech punk/hc/grind/noise band like: Securitate, Claim, Infection, Koroze, Sanatorium, Extrudovaná Pohanka, Kolonie Debility, Visions Days, Tass and more...

NOISE ATTACK - Live Ostrava 1992

Czech hardcore / grind band and their live stuff from Ostrava 1992.8 minutes only..Sorry have no information about this band.

SOCIAL DEFORMITY (grindcore Czech)

Here i would like to present 2x stuffs fromlegendary Social Deformity from Ostrava city.Their first demotape Is It Justice? and bootleg live recording from the festival in Rosice from 1996 (very bad sound...recorded on vietnamese tape recorder in the hall.....)

SOCIAL DEFORMITY - Is It Justice (Demo 95)

SOCIAL DEFORMITY - Live  Rosice u Pardubic 13.07.1996

MRTVÁ BUDOUCNOST - 3x live stuffs

Well knowned crust band from Czech, played in years 1994-1999? and some their not so much published live stuffs... 


MRTVÁ BUDOUCNOST - Live Rosice u Pardubic 13.07.1996


ALACRITY + DTZ - Split Tape (RA 002, 1998)

Split tape released on my (r.i.p.) Retreat Ahead Distro/Label/Records in 1998.DTZ is mix of noisecore/grind/punk..whatever and Alacrity is one-man black/noise project...Released only few copies..Both from Czech.

neděle 19. prosince 2010

FINAL EXIT - Demo 3+4 (Japan)

Great japanese screaming guitar noise...insane as usually.Their demo 3+4 with a lot of songs....Total time almost 10 minutes.Includes also Anal Cunt cover, but i really dont know where..haha.Demo 4 was recorded in 1995 and demo 3 probably also in 1995 or in 1994..i have no cover for demo 3 sorry..