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čtvrtek 30. prosince 2010

VA - KING OF EXTREME MUSIC Vol.1 (Noting Note Tapes 1994)

ARGHHHH!!! This compilation is really EXTREME!!! Mainly first side with a lot of noise, harsh and experimental loud tones! 
90% bands and projects here are from Japan.
I have really pain-headache when i ripped the first side of this tape including: Atrocity Master, Noisy Noise Notarin, Sonic Disorder, Kuzuramushi,Traci Lords Loves Noise, Schizophrenia, Ai To Makoto and What A Smell!
On second side you can find: Mad Recital (great!), Rot, Cassette Terrorizer, Coloid, Senseless Apocalypse, Blue-Ist, Puts´N Gal (Awesome!!), Kuso-Miso (Rulez!!) and only grincore band here Cannibalistic Dissection.
The tape was presented by Noting Note Tapes in 1994 and its C-90 of really killer madness of noises!!

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