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sobota 18. prosince 2010

ZME-TAK - Demo 96 + Live (Tape)

Slovakian not well-knowned diy band and their demo + live.I think dont need write more..

Z RUKY DO HUBY (90´s Czech Punk)

A band from my small town when i live almost 30 years...(Železný Brod).Classical Czech punk and very rare stuffs...Not so much presented in the world...2 demotapes and live stuff from Alšovice.Guitarist play now in Sicherhatesystem and drummer in Východ Z Nouze.

Havrďák - vocals

Janurčík - guitar

Punky - bass

Lopéz - drums

Z RUKY DO HUBY - I Vole You (Demo 28.10.1995)

Z RUKY DO HUBY - Lopatol (Demo 12.10.1996)

Z RUKY DO HUBY - Live Alšovice

Thanx again to Havrďák, that lend me that tapes!!
 More info about ZRDH band here (but only in czech language) 

M.O.R. - Septic Death (demo´89) + Tancore Aggression (demo´90)

Czech Thrash/Hardcore group from Liberec..their probably 2 first demotapes..first in rehersal room and second in studio...Sorry, have no more information..Everything in 1 mp3:..Thanx for tape-
copy to Harvďák!

čtvrtek 16. prosince 2010

VA - FINISH HARDCORE 93 (Scapegoat Tapes)

Very good compilation from 1993 presented that days hardcore/crust bands from Finland.Very raw angry material and the great songs from each of bands.Forca Macabra, Katastrofialue, Hylkiö, Selfish, Valse Triste, Amen, Wind Of Pain, Genocide, Ei Eloonjääneita, 3rd World Disease, Valtiokontrolli and Hazardous Waste!

SELFISH - Anarchy And Destruction (Tape 199x)

Great Finnish hardcore/crust in their gold crust era...Now they play japanese style of hc...(Burning Spirit haha..)
13 songs in good quallity and it really sound like Finnish Hiatus! Nice work....

neděle 12. prosince 2010

ANTI-SOCIAL - Antiwar Idia (Demo 96, Japan)

Japanese punk band with classical antisocial punk name haha..Good work on 4 songs.Recorded Noichi Electric Appliance Store 17th september 1996.For me unknown band...

BLOODSHOT - Don´t Even Think It...(Tape)

Probably Scottish melodic hc/punk...10 songs in good quallity with political lyrics.I dont know year of recording.

ORAL CLIMAX + GRUNT - Split Tape (Freak Animal 009)

2x well-knowned noise bands/projects from Lithuania (Oral Climax) and Finland (Grunt).Oral Climax have here 62 songs of noisecore, but not so great as on "Nausenoisea" tape...which was the best i think.Second side is untitled noise/industrial made by Grunt (Mikko Aspa - also "owner" of Freak Animal label.


Its here!!! Legendary 3rd part of great international compilation released in Czech by Honza Dítko.The sub-name for this compilation is ICY ILLUSSIONS FROM...THIRD WORLD!You can find here Skeem, Obliterate, Oral Climax, Anal Jackson, Intestinal Disease, T.U.O.B., Christ Snacks, Futile Existence and more..Masterpiece as always from this d.i.y. label!!

DISAFFECT - Demo 1991

Here is DISAFFECT demo 91 from their Demo 91 + Live 92 tape released in Poland by Screan Tapes.I dont upload live records from Glasgow 92, coz its the same records as from split with SEDITION i already present here..So only their (probably) first demo here.10 tracks with great anarchounk with male/female vocals in FLAC format (about 120MB).Cover includes also lyrics!


Great 3way split tape with unknown bands from Croatia presented by Radiation Sickness Production 002!!!
PULSKA GAREŽ have 10 songs here from live show in Pula 1994 and style is very similliar to early Patareni/Buka/Cripple Bastards.Hardcore/Punk/Grind mix at the best!!!BRIJAČINA KOJONA present here Demo from 1994 and is the same style as P.G. but more chaotic and noizy sound.DESINENCE MORTIFICATION have here live stuff from Pula 1994 from the same concert as P.G. and play good death/grindcore.This record is not full i think...


I found this split tape in my collection, but without cover, trackists or any info...So only recording here, if somebody have info or cover, contact me please!So about 11 minutes of Japanese one-main noise project (C.Hamorrhoids) + Czech legendary combo Napalmed (almost 5 minut of noise..).This time in FLAC format (about 100MB)