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sobota 26. února 2011

XIMEPA - Studio 93 + Live 94 (Czerw.Diabelek Rec.)

Good russian punk and studio + live tape released in poland

A SIDE: Angry and Deppresive Punk!
B SIDE: Melancholic and Suicidal Punk!

KSU - Live Vol.1 + KSU - Live Vol.2 (PH 0402/403)

 Do you remember polish cheap BIEM ZAIKS tapes??? Marketed here also "Phoenix" or "Polski Rock"..ahh its very funny...On these half-legal bootleg tapes we was find really almost everything from Michael Jackson to Napalm Death....:-) Here are KSU! The legend of polish punk-rock with sometimes metallic guitars...on 2x live tapes (i dont know the year of recordings..) Good sound and autentical record from their live appearance!
Thanx to Bodek, who give me a tapes as i present!Dont forget on polish legend.... also some KSU bonus without covers:

KSU - Koniec (Swiata To Ustrzyki) -Pirat z 91.r-

1.Pieśń Do 4 Piw
2.Pelna Miska (Nie Jest Zle)
3.Ustrzyki ´78 (WRB)
4.Odczep Sie
5.Miasto Mrówek Miasto Hien (Wizja)
6.King-Kong (Malpa)
8.Wielki Koniec (Zbliza Sie)
10.Forsa (Szmal)
11.Show (Frustracja)
12.Piesń Uzebrana (KSU remix)
13.Jabol Punk
14.Ewolucja (Sciek)

KSU - Legendarne Nagranie z ´81 roku jeszcze se starym wokalista który później popelnil samobójstwo

2.Iść Pod Prad
3.Miasto Mrówek Miasto Hien
4.Moje Oczy
6.Wielki Koniec
7.Hej To Znovu My 

T.U.O.B. - December 1993 Tape (FIS13 - TUOB Label!)

Experimental, noise, weird duo (Syd + Lexi) from UK and their early tape called "December 1993"
A lot of great parts recorded from radios and TV, a lot of experimental components, really interested stuff, i really liked it and these days its a good nostalgia to listen this crazy record....

Do somebody have some other T.U.O.B. releases please?

I will try to find also their "Thought For The Day" tape here in my disorder....
here is Discogs info/discography:

PORNO CLUB FOR WHORES IN BOHEMIA - Atomic Bomb (Obscene Productions 019)

Grind/noisecore band from czech and probably with automatic drummer...25 minutes of insane music!!!
Its like Oral Climax decide to play gore haha...


Here last stuff i have from DEADLY VERITY and this is split tape with german project ZWEIBACK GARANTIERT!!! DV have here only about 4 minutes of middle tempo-electro-dark-noise in deeply sad mood and GN has also short record and its homemade lo-fi folk-noise haha...
I am still wanted for another DEADLY VERITY / CAT MOVE REC. Releases!!Can somebody help me???

T.P.D. + T.R.B.U.H. - Split Tape 50 copies (DMK Records 026)

Slovenian + Croatian noisecore split tape...TRBUH are more into techno on this release!!! Both In FLAC.

Also here as a bonus:
T.R.B.U.H. - Reh/Demos + Live in mp3 (192 kbps) 

CAPTAIN THREE LEG - Unreleased Crap Tape 1997

Classical school of grindcore and CAPTAIN 3 LEG from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and their Unreelased Crap Tape from 1997. Great consistent killer sound in 320 kbps and 30 minutes of really good grindcore! You can also hear harmonique..haha!!!


First I must say, the tape is without STUPID MAN, sorry....but on my copy simply not Stupid Man exist...
By the way here is great live stuffs from ROT and PARENTAL ADVISORY!! Totally grindcore as fuck with raw live sound!!! Also DEMOCRATIC DISORDER with few studio tracks and some hc/grind live tracks!!!All bands from Brasil!!!!

středa 23. února 2011

VA - FASTZONE 1 (bootleg fastcore compilation - Confusion + Phobia Records)

Bootleg compilation releases in czech with well-knowned fastcore bands all over the earth.Ripped again through ext.GETON write me please if quallity is better thanx!!!
I think everything was recorded from vinyls on profi-tape.

OUTERMOST - Crazy Uproarious Daily Life (MAN009 Cd-R)

This time not a tape but Cd-R of great japanese harshnoizzze Outermost from 2001 so i simply must!!
4 extreme tracks in about 250-260 kbps!!

pondělí 21. února 2011

AN OLSOME - Tape (Smell The Stench Records) LTD.Edition to 30 Copies Only!!!

Totally unknown project (for me) probably from Australia, totally insane violence and madness!! Harshnoize/noise terror and ltd.tape to 30 copies only, presented by STSR/Julian Leigh.One hour of torturing your ears!!

MORTIFILIA - ...In Your Head (Live In Rehearsal January 1999) Tape

Czech thrash/death metal band and their promo rehearsal tape from 1999. I recorded it through external GETON equallizer so sound is more intensive and strong, maybe also more quallity.Try it...

ORAL CLIMAX + BLOODBATH - Split Tape (Fatal Disease Records)

Another ORAL CLIMAX split tape here!!! Their side has name "International terrorism at the full might.Gig in Vilnius 96.05.18" and its 20 minutes of noisecore/grind as fuck!!! Second side has slovakian harshnoize/violence/experimental project Bloodbath - 5 tracks also in 20 minutes.

BLOOD + MALIGNANT TUMOUR - Split Live Tape 1995 (Bizarre Leprous Productions)

2x well-knowned bands from germany and czech and their live split tape from 1995.