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čtvrtek 30. prosince 2010

VA - KING OF EXTREME MUSIC Vol.1 (Noting Note Tapes 1994)

ARGHHHH!!! This compilation is really EXTREME!!! Mainly first side with a lot of noise, harsh and experimental loud tones! 
90% bands and projects here are from Japan.
I have really pain-headache when i ripped the first side of this tape including: Atrocity Master, Noisy Noise Notarin, Sonic Disorder, Kuzuramushi,Traci Lords Loves Noise, Schizophrenia, Ai To Makoto and What A Smell!
On second side you can find: Mad Recital (great!), Rot, Cassette Terrorizer, Coloid, Senseless Apocalypse, Blue-Ist, Puts´N Gal (Awesome!!), Kuso-Miso (Rulez!!) and only grincore band here Cannibalistic Dissection.
The tape was presented by Noting Note Tapes in 1994 and its C-90 of really killer madness of noises!!

R.O.R. - Demo 2

Hm...i dont know what to say, coz i have no information.But R.O.R. was probably Czech noisecore-rehersal project from 90´ if i remember well! Or probably project of some band members...A lot of great violence songs in only 9 minute.If somebody have more info, please contact me..Thnx..

MOČOVÝ KHAMENI + ČISTÁ RYŽA + EXISTENCH - 3way Split Tape (Psychotherapy Records)

International HC/CRUST/GRIND 3 way split tape released by Otto from Needful Things band/Psychotherapy Records.M.KHAMENI from Czech and some their rehersal songs with few covers, ČISTÁ RYŽA from Slovakia, really good hardcore/crust and the last ones EXISTENCH from Canada played crust/grind also very good!

MAMARRACHO - From Split Tape with NAPALMED (1995)

First I think that i have both projects on the tape, but it look like i have only Mamarracho side..Well published only their side here also coz its really great and best quallity of Japnoise.Relesaed in 1995 by Napalmed!

středa 29. prosince 2010

DISPUTE - Have A Future (Turkey)

Demotape from Turkish DISPUTE and 7 songs of good punk with female vocals. Lo-fi quallity...

WIND OF PAIN - Warplain Explosion (Tape´93)

For the truelovers of Fincore first demotape from great WIND OF PAIN played here typical brutal dark metal/crust with brutal low vocals singing in English.Probably their first tape recorded in 1993 and 1994!


Side A
  01.Wind Of Pain - Fucken Miserable
  02.Wind Of Pain - Smell Of Death
  03.Wind Of Pain - The Answer
  04.Wind Of Pain - Decomposed Heroes
  05.Wind Of Pain - Visions Of Mass Destruction
  06.Wind Of Pain - Politicians
  07.Wind Of Pain - Decline From Shit
  08.Wind Of Pain - Kirous

Side B

  01.Wind Of Pain - A World Once
  02.Wind Of Pain - X-Masslaughter
  03.Wind Of Pain - Seeds Of War
  04.Wind Of Pain - Despair And Grief
  05.Wind Of Pain - Wind Of Pain
  06.Wind Of Pain - Frightened By The Sirens
  07.Wind Of Pain - Another Religion Another War (Varukers cover)

S H I P W R E C K E D (Semi-Roar 03)

Weird psychedelic music from Papua New Guinea...a lot of freaky istruments etc....More Info here:

Review from Semi-Roar:

SR03: 50HOLEHEAD Shipwrecked (ltd. 50 copies) $5

Apparently the tunes collected here were lost for years and then rediscovered floating in a bottle off the coast of Papua New Guinea. The liner notes also say that they were originally recorded using seashells + monkey intestines. Hm. Not sure about that, but this is one primitive sounding collection of spooky blips and bleeps. Highlights include “Furtooth”, “Black skull” and “All along the garbage can”. Scratchy, fuzzy instrumental concoctions.

“Semi-Roar is on it’s way to becoming the Far East Shrimper and this tape is another reason why you should check out this tiny label. Very crude recordings that really sound like they were recorded on a desert island. I say that the desert island is a metaphor for the cramped apartments in Tokyo and this is the soundtrack to a gaijin losing his mind while imagining that the walls are closing in. A desire for tranquility in the biggest metropolis in the world. Wonderful.” says Exile Osaka zine (issue #5).

úterý 28. prosince 2010

NECROSE + SONIC TORMENT - Fita Adesiva Rachada (Split Tape 1994)

2x Brasilian noisecore/hardcore/grind/punk bands and 34 tracks from Necrose and even better 52 tracks from Sonic Torment!!! 
Which are really great...!Sorry....sound is not very good....bad copy of this tape release...But its noise....

NECROSE on Myspace:

and some more info, bio, disKo..:

ELECTRO HIPPIES - Dead End (ŠOT Records)

Another legend of  80´s hardcore and well-knowned band ELECTRO HIPPIES from UK.I know that this live 87 and 2x rehersal 85-88 already somebody published on internet or on slsk...but i think not as the Dead End called tape published by Czech label ŠOT RECORDS.Also each of taperippers make different sounds of finally i decide to published my rip of this tape also....

S.R.K. - Maniaci Extrémního Noise (Demos 1988-90)

Here is request of my friend Francesco from Italia...So, here is ripped tape of S.R.K. - Maniaci Extrémního Noise, released by ŠOT RECORDS. I take it from diy tape, not from original sorry.By the way, it looks like here are 4x different live stuffs (but called here "demos").S.R.K. was angry hardcore chaos band played at the same time as Serious Music, Skimmed, Kritická Situace, Suicidal Commando etc...So bands played before and few years after so-called subversion-revolution in 1989 year!Masterpiece of Czech hardcore for me...

SATANIC DEATH - Crucified In Flames

Really dont know nothing about this band? And even dont find anything on internet.Some band with the same name play black metal, but this Satanic Death is noisecore with harshed vocals and guitar, i think without drums.

OK...So some friends of me send me more infos about these band, so band was from Netherland and this stuff is split demotape with Corpusculum!
Here is playlist from

Satanic Death - Crucif(r)ied In Flames
split demo 1992 with Corpusculum - Flame Delay

1: Into The Deeps... (Intro)
2: Impaler Of Godsouls
3: At Rise With 9 Candles Of Black Flames
4: Mummified Planet
5: I Live In Pasta...
6: In The Sign Of Black Noise/Chaos
7: The Deathrone Temple
8: No Horizon...
9: Horrified Process Of Dripping Flesh
10: Necrophagious Screams (The Legions...)
11: Evil Forces Cult
12: Planet Refuser
13: The Lustfull Desires Of An Angel Raper
14: The Law Of Hate
15: Suicide... Gate To Hell
16: Jesus Crushfuck
17: Mr. Squealius The Pig Molestor
18: After The 4th Reich
19: Thorns Replaced By Barbed Wire
20: Accessible Malversation Of The Deceased
21: Ritual Of The Reverse
22: Malicious Nesting (Of The Demons)
23: Spectric Visions Of Aconic Cities
24: Black Stars De Morte
25: Zombie Holocaust
26: ...In Black Flames (Outro)

Satanic Death (1988-1992) 

PASZTÖRÖZÖTT - G.E.C. (Demo - Gummientencore)

German classics of noisecore disorder and their probably rehersal demo with hesiate quallity sound.
By the way shitty great demo with almost 40 tracks...I am still wanted for PASZTÖRÖZÖTT/DREADED INSTICT - Split tape...Can you somebody help me please?? Coz is very hard to find it..Enjoy Noise...

JAN AG AND THE GAJNA - No School Cass.EP (2001)

Another JAN AG AND THE GAJNA Cassette EP from 2001 and another distortion noisy-punk stuff!!!
Killer sound!

RISPERDAL + NAPALMED + KYBORG 612 + ANEMONE TUBE - 4way Split Tape (199x)

4x noise from Czech (Napalmed), Slovakia (KYBORG 612) and Germany (ANEMON TUBE, RISPERDAL).
DIY tape released by Brutal Bird Production 010.Mainly RISPERDAL and ANEMONE TUBE are very interested noises!!!Also NAPALMED presents here classical style.KYBORG 612 is very lo-fi recordings..

pondělí 27. prosince 2010

JAN AG AND THE GAJNA - Distortion Til Choke (Cass.EP 2001)

Another Cassette EP from JAN AG + THE GAJNA, this time more brutal, distortion and very loud noisy-punk, grind,d-beat,insanity!!Tapes sent me some years ago Jan Ag.3 song in 6,5 minutes, but very good and interested!

SOUND OF DISASTER - Demo 3 (1985)

Classical 3rd demo of Swedish hardcore/punk pioneers S.O.D.
12 songs in best Swedish quallity!

FRANCOIS DOURIS - 59éme Journée Regionale De Gérontologie tape (CAT MOVE 98)

Experimental one-man noise project from France in 50 minutes released by CAT MOVE (Japan)

VA - VOICE OF NOISE (Megatherium R.M.Film 006)

Very old lo-fi sound compilation tape with mainly grind/noise/core/experimental bands like Debilana, Pestufator, Cadaver Corpse, TRBUH, Digital Torment, Red Banner, Klasik In Qual, Scraps Of Food and more...!!! 

neděle 26. prosince 2010

VA - PORTUGAL VS PORTUGAL (Compilation Tape)

Another compilation, this time hardcore/punk bands from Portugal.Such well-knowned names as INKISICAO, VADO RETRO, SUBCAOS, MENTES PODRES and more..Old good tape!Like It!!!


D.T.W. - Live At Powerfest (Pula 1.5.1993)

Ah...another D.I.Y. legend of grindcore.This time D.T.W. (Deeper Than World) from Slovenia and their live concert from 1993, Pula.8 songs in 13 minutes, includes covers from Napalm Death (Unchallenged Hate) and Agathocles (Agarchy).

JAN AG AND THE GAJNA - Spit Blood In Night (Cass.EP 2001)

The cassette EP from JAN AG + THE GAJNA...5 Minutes of mid-tempo neandertal noisy-punk!!

středa 22. prosince 2010

THE END - 8 Track From Split With Abfall

Probably material from split tape.Good industrially monotone tech-noise with a lot of movie themes.THE END is (was?) from Norway and have also some more killer releases like 7"EP, split tapes with TEM OPH AB, NEANDERTHAL and more...Masterpiece...a lot of screaming and suffering with a rythmic noise sound!!!!

RECALCITRANT - Live In Antwerp 19-5-99

I found one live stuff from Recalcitrant (Holland) .Made by my friend Maarten Kleywegt and its almost 9 minutes of live noise performance in Antwerp from 1999.No covers or any info...

VA - REALLITY SHOWS Part.2 (Upground Records 006, 1995)

Another interested compilation tape.This time from Spanish label Upgroad Records..Mainly political grindcore bands here and some gore also.Unchallenged Hate, Patareni, Retortijon, V.Headache, Escatofagia, Denak,, Rot, Coprofilia, Noiseslaughter, Debilana, Extreme Smoke and more...Grind masterpiece at its best!!!