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pondělí 25. června 2012


Please...all your requests of reuploads adressed to me on my email:
And will be granted all yours requests!! (If i have it..i have about 95% of
my ripped-tapes i published here......)

sobota 14. ledna 2012

TEM OPH AB + PSYCHOLOGISCHE ABWEHRFRONT - H.P. Lovecraft - Split Tape 1998 (I.E.G. 006)

Really killer split tape from 1998 (Italy/Germany), mainly P.ABWEHRFRONT side is really cruel extreme noise!!! Recommended to all noise maniacs!!

465 MB / WAV

ORAL CLIMAX + GRUNT - Split Tape (better quallity!!!)

I already present here this split tape from 1995 in mp3....Here is better quallity sound in WAV!!!

240 MB / WAV

úterý 10. ledna 2012

ORAL CLIMAX – No Man - No Problem Demo 2 (1994)

Yep, all of you know Oral Climax, all of you already have Demo 2 in MP3, its for free download in internet database....But here is a WAV rip of this demo....Lithuanian noisecore/grind classic!!!!

ONQ - Rein / Lalone De Laluna C60-Tape (CVR 27)

Experimental, electronic weird music from ONQ (Luca Galuppini) released on his mad Chupa Verga Rec. Label....First side is more experimental and noisy, second side is more folk/accoustic....
Released in 1996 year.....

Discogs Info here:

551 MB / WAV

PF 2012 (For All True Underground Maniacs !!!)

pátek 2. prosince 2011

M.NOMIZED - El Nilam 1983 (Fraction Studio-FS 003)

Anybody knows M.NOMIZED?? The French artist Michel Madrange, also owner of Fraction Studio (created in 1983)...We trade a tapes the years before and this yearly M.NOMIZED tape i hade from him!
Noise, ambient, experimental music...probably one of the M.NOMIZED released Ever!!!
Also for the future i have his master tape for 4way split tape released in my (RIP) small Records...haha.

580 MB /WAV / 60 Minutes

NAPALMED - Tribute To Silence + Napal-Med-Ley + Nighthrashing 1994 (3 demos In 1)

Ok here are another Napalmed stuffs, 3 demos in 1 hahaha....Sorry for non cutted, but it was very hard ....So I decide to rip the tape with 3x demos only on A+B side....



Tribute To Silence:

393 MB /WAV

úterý 29. listopadu 2011

Napalmed - Live Perfomance 21.5.1994 (Tape)

Legendary czech noise-combo and their old live performace from 1994.
Very short/noisy tape (4+4 minutes)

83 MB / WAV

sobota 26. listopadu 2011

KOLONIE DEBILITY - Probably Demotape

Czech undefinited style-band, probably hc/grindcore from the middle of 90´s..No more info, sorry...

162 MB / WAV