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středa 9. února 2011


And some noises again, this time very good x-perminetal/noise projects in 1 mp3.I lose a cover for the tape sorry.... (Ripped to OGG format). If somebody have tape-cover, please send me..thnx....

I am wanted also for:

KLASSIK IN QUAL - Geheimnisvoll & Sinnlich EP
KLASSIK IN QUAL - Unschlagbar sanft EP 


SENSELESS + TWISTED TRUTH - Split Tape 1997 (Rotten Tooth Production)

Here is FULL split tape from another person for your ears you dirty heads!!! hahaa
Includes full cover photo with lyrics etc...

úterý 8. února 2011

DISWATER - Desposeidos De La Terra (Demo Tape)

Good hardcore/crust from Spain with 2 angry vocalists...Really good material! Haha...

DISFIGURED CORPSE - Live Jindřichův Hradec - Na Zbuzanech (13.11.1999) BLAST OF GRIND Vol.5 FEST

Another live show from BLAST OF GRIND Vol.5 FEST!!!
Ok you can download here well-knowned death/grind/hc band DISFIGURED CORPSE and their almost 30 minutes gig in great quallity (probably master mix from sound engineer).

They also played here old song from split CD with TOTAL DEATH (1992)
"What survival?!?!"


Does Anyone Have DISFIGURED CORPSE - Evolution (Promo-Demo 1994)
PLEASE?? I love it so much but i cant find anywhere....
 Cover from metal-archives:

neděle 6. února 2011

OPAT-R.N.Ý. - Sonáty Pro Klavír Tape 1995 (Striever A Mercury Recording Studio)

Old czech punk band from Tachov started play in 1992. Demo is from 1996 and its classical czech punk with male/female vocals little bit in Zastávka Mileč/UJD style in my opinion...All songs in middle-tempo, not fast!!Very good sound of recording!!

Here some stolen info in czech language from bandzone:

Máme tu další archivní kapelu, tentokrát oprášíme téměř 20 let staré punkové seskupení OPAT-R.N.Ý. Kapela fungovala od roku 1992 a přispěla skladbou ,,Rock´n end" z alba ,,Sonáty pro klavír", které bylo nahráno v tachovském ,,Striever a Mercury recording studio".Album bylo šířeno na audiokazetě a černobílý, strojově psaný obal vás nechá zavzpomínat na krásný ,,devadesátý".

sestava: Patrik Stach - bicí, Martin Frank - basa, Jaroslav Hošek - kytara, Pavla Bušková - zpěv, Milan Lenc - zpěv

MASHER + SHEARS - Split Tape 1996 (Noise Induced Deafness Records, England)

Well-knowned brasilian grindnoise-duo MASHER on split tape with italian hardcore/grind band SHEARS! Both in FLAC... (163 MB archive...)

MISERY - Enjoy? (Tape 1995)

 Probably russian noise/experimental project from 1995.Very unknown, and good heavy sound!!

WILD WILLY BECKEET & PSYCHO SURGEONS - Live in Valmez 1999 (CV Records 021-duben 2000)

90 minutes of live show in Valašské Meziříčí (27.8.1999)
Tape presented by ACV, czech anarcho-punk Press and Records.
WILD WILLY BECKEET & PSYCHO SURGEONS play probably some postrock or something, i dont really understand to these music styles...but its music for good mood...
some infos here:

LÄRM + SEEIN´RED - It´s About Time...To Fight Back!!! (Split Tape)

2x Holland hardcore legends on live split tape (30 minutes from each bands). Great stuff...

SENSELESS - From Split Tape with TWISTED TRUTH + SENSELESS - With God We Crust (Demo)

Side of split tape with czech grindcore band TWISTED TRUTH.i think its not full, sorry...only a part probably.Good crust with male and sometimes also female vocals.
Covers are stolen from Discogs:

And also their demotape recorded live in at AKT 28.04.1996
Great croatian crust singing in croatin and english also.

PLASTIC GRAVE - Live Zbuzany Listopad 1999 BLAST OG GRIND Vol.5 FEST (Last But One Gig)

And here very rare live stuff from Plastic Grave from 1999.Great sound and also prologues (haha---who can speak Czech can understand). As they says its PLASTIC GRAVE model 99.
More than 35 minutes of really good grindcore gig from the BLAST OF GRIND FEST 5.
(Jindřichův Hradec - Na Zbuzanech 13.11.1999)