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pátek 25. listopadu 2011


Sorry everyone for long long delay in my blog...Cause we migrate to other village and fckn providers was totally apathic and lazy liars to reconnect us again...So I decide to ask local slowly provider to have a connection again...Also now i am little bit lazy to ripped tapes hahaha...but i have some old WAV rips for all of you, the fans of my blog i wants to published here SOON!! 

And small commercial here:
The great noisecore/crap/shit/garbage blog made by Frank Goshit (called NOTHING FANCY) and present a lot of GOCHARGE RECORDS Stuffs in mp3!!!! A lot of rips ripped by Dan-Charge!!!
The name as: Dan-Charge, Burger Shit, Clitoris Trafficker, Morbid Shit, Retarded Roosted and many many moore....NICE JOB, Killer Early Noise/Core Stuffs NOW FOR DOWNLOAD FOR YOU NOIZY HEADS!!!!!!!!!

Visit Blog here:

3 komentáře:

yogi řekl(a)...

hi kusomiso, great that you back on blog :) i hope that you upload someday split dislike/mrtva budoucnost :)
btw: yesterady i bought tape "Money stinks fuck you" (last in distro!) and probably is good recorded (i didn't listen full tape only one side), cheers from poland, friend :)

kusomiso řekl(a)...

Here is a Mrtvá Budoucnost pack, includes also Dislike/MB Split Tape...Uploaded NOT BY ME!!:

yogi řekl(a)...

thanx very much! i'm big fan MB.. :)