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pátek 4. března 2011

D.T.W. + DIARRHOEA - Split Tape 1994 (??? label)

2x grind/noisecore bands from Slovenia...D.T.W. have here 20 studio + live tracks from 1993-1994, also covers from Napalm Death (Unchallenged Hate) and Agathocles (Agarchy). DIARRHOEA have here 23 demo + live trax from 1993 also in grind/noisecore style! Dont know who released this tape, sorry!

3 komentáře:

Anonymní řekl(a)...

tape was released by Skirocore tapes (Slovenija).Cheers for upload.

kusomiso řekl(a)...

Thanx for info!

Shed Metal Warden řekl(a)...

multiupload doesnt seem to be working :(