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středa 2. února 2011


I dont know if it is official compilation or diy homemade compilation, coz i cant find any infos on internet and i have no cover also...This tape send me Kei Yokota from OUTERMOST, D.VERITY, SCAB.........a years ago.Probably all japanese projects here?? For example MAD RECITAL, CASSETTE TERRORIZER, ACID SHEEP, URGE SNAKE, GOLGOTH, MONELLAPHOBIA SUPER LIGHT, HALF LOVE TALE and more....Ripped only to 2x mp3 (a+b side) and not cutted, coz its very hard to do it...haha...
320 kbps - mp3 - 

Very LOUD and HARSH sound.

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ECno8 řekl(a)...

hey man! sick blog. i found it via some crazy czech forum where you were posting some japanese stuff, but your links are dead. i would kill babies to get a reup of The Hydra's "ready to go" single. and if its not too much to ask, maybe nira kodomo stuff and the glycerin album "from the depth". so that i'm not just a greedy bitch, head over to my blog and feast on stuff there:

kusomiso řekl(a)...

Try download a lot of japanese stuffs here: or on soulseek!!!

Here is some Nira Kodomo:
Nira Kodomo - 1987 - Smile & Violence Tape

and here is GLYCERIN ep_