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úterý 1. února 2011

PINK FLAMINGOS + HIATUS - Split Tape (Live In Zoro)

AARRGGHHH....Great live split tape. First German band PINK FLAMINGOS played very good angry hardcore/crust and their gig from Zoro 18.11.1995.Second ones is another live stuffs from Belgican HIATUS also from Zoro, but from 21.3.1996.What I can say more??? Another killer stuff, presented by MUSICAL DESTRUCTION TAPES.Both in 320 kbps - 175MB pack.

2 komentáře:

Zach řekl(a)...

Another great post! PINK FLAMINGOS are amazing! I have a copy of this tape, but yours is much better quality. Thanks!!!

kusomiso řekl(a)...

Its not my own rip, I only presented here coz its a piece of history and i love it so much!!