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neděle 6. února 2011

SENSELESS - From Split Tape with TWISTED TRUTH + SENSELESS - With God We Crust (Demo)

Side of split tape with czech grindcore band TWISTED TRUTH.i think its not full, sorry...only a part probably.Good crust with male and sometimes also female vocals.
Covers are stolen from Discogs:

And also their demotape recorded live in at AKT 28.04.1996
Great croatian crust singing in croatin and english also.

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..crucified freedom.. řekl(a)...

yes,you are right.. there isn't the whole part of the Senseless side, few songs are missing.. here is tracklist of this rip:
01. no fucking pride
02. ubijena (u ime križa)
03. karitas
04. ja vam nevjerujem
05. uncontroled
06. outro