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neděle 13. února 2011

DISLIKE - Master Tape for 3way split (Croatia)

And another KKTZ project DISLIKE and material for 3way split tape with S.D.URZA (Czech) and P.B.K. (Slovakia). Tape released by me before years on my small Retreat Ahead Records (R.I.P.). Unfortunelly i lose all artworks and mainly for DISLIKE was great hand drawned cover with soldiers in masks..have it somebody?? By the way DISLIKE play crust/hardcore/grind/noise mix....enjoy.

2 komentáře:

yogi řekl(a)...

hi kusomiso
do you have maybe Dislike/Mrtva Budoucnost split? very hard stuff to find, cheers :)

kusomiso řekl(a)...

Hm...i know about it...but i dont have..but a lot of people in Czech have it...So i can try to ask some my friends...!!!CHEERRRRSSS!!!