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středa 19. ledna 2011

NOISE WASTE - Demo 95 (Finland)

I love their Napalm-logo haha....Demo tape from 1995 and Mikko Aspa / Freak Animal and 4 other guys makes noise...Sorry for the quallity..Does somebody have "More Booze" Cassette from 1993 please??
Or "Gimme Bottle Of Booze" Cassette also from 1993?

I know that somebody already rip this tape...but other copy here....

Discogs info here:


2 komentáře:

Anonymní řekl(a)...

napalm logo? you mean misfits or?

kusomiso řekl(a)...

¨There are 2 logo-s the first one the Misfits logo and the second one the Napalm Death logo...Bye