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pondělí 15. srpna 2011


3way split tape made by 3 noise maniacs from the different parts of Czech republic (North, South and Moravia).
S.M.MELODY is Moravian harshnoize, very interested!!! Probably made only by voice. (12:09)
PUTRID STATE is project from Dolní Dvořiště, probably member of their local grind/hc/crust bands..79 tracks of chaotic grind/noise/lo-fi rehearsal crapshits.... (15:59)
OVERDOSENOISE is the last project on this compilation, made by my longtime friend Vrbič (ragga-MC called Salix in 2000´s...).One of the best noise projects on Czech ever!!! On the end of this insanity you can even listen interview with his old grandpa about Mečiar and sausages, very funny!!! Killer stuff (46:01)
The tape was released by J.Zlámal and his label MUSICAL COLLAPSE (R.I.P.) in 1997 year!!!

702,8MB (WAV)

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