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sobota 18. prosince 2010

Z RUKY DO HUBY (90´s Czech Punk)

A band from my small town when i live almost 30 years...(Železný Brod).Classical Czech punk and very rare stuffs...Not so much presented in the world...2 demotapes and live stuff from Alšovice.Guitarist play now in Sicherhatesystem and drummer in Východ Z Nouze.

Havrďák - vocals

Janurčík - guitar

Punky - bass

Lopéz - drums

Z RUKY DO HUBY - I Vole You (Demo 28.10.1995)

Z RUKY DO HUBY - Lopatol (Demo 12.10.1996)

Z RUKY DO HUBY - Live Alšovice

Thanx again to Havrďák, that lend me that tapes!!
 More info about ZRDH band here (but only in czech language) 

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