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úterý 22. března 2011

T.U.O.B - 4xTapes from the 90´s (Exp. duo UK )

I already presents their "December 93" tape. Here are 4 another released...the last two demotapes are probably not full...was ripped from C46 tape, so only 23 minutes each (Anything tape + TUOB and STEVE ANDREWS). Each of recordings have its autentical different sound...By the way here are T.U.O.B:

T.U.O.B - Thought For The Day tape (FiS 22 Records)

T.U.O.B - 4294 tape (FiS 16 Records)

 T.U.O.B - Anything tape 1995 (FiS 25 Records)

 T.U.O.B + STEVE ANDREWS - Jecist tape (SHIP 004)

and here is bonus
...not my rip:

 T.U.O.B. - Don't Fight At Gigs! 1995 (7'' Ep)

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