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středa 9. března 2011

NECROSIS - Chaotic Times (1st.Demo 93) + Imbeciles Of Universe (2nd.Demo 93) Turkey

Great turkish hardcore/punk band NECROSIS and their two demotapes! I have these tapes almost 15 years...and i cant find them last 4-5 years haha...But now you can download!

NECROSIS - Chaotic Times (Demo July 93)

Sorry....covers are probably dirty from beers or coffee.. :-)

NECROSIS - Imbeciles Of The Universe (2nd.Demo 1993)

Second demotape was totally disrupted so  Discriminant song is little bit cutted and crashed...

You can find her 10 new studio tracks from Atlantis Studio and 3 old songs from the first demotape but from their live gig!!! Sorry for the sound of both tapes....!

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